This page is simply a links repository for all of my tutorial posts. If you need a one-stop-shop to bookmark for giving out to others or to refer to for your own use, then this is the page for you. Some of these tutorials (such as the Noob Dude ones) are also linked on their own page, but this Tutorials page will contain links to all tutorials on this site.


Noob Dude Tutorials

Part 1 – The Absolute Basics of the System Avatar

Part 2 – How to Get Dressed (Mesh Head & Mesh Body)

Bite Sized Tutorials

Part 1 – Omega: What It Is & How It Works

Note: Omega is now a little outdated. You’ll still come across the occasional bit of content for it, but not many people use it anymore. This tutorial will remain online, in case it’s still needed.

Bakes On Mesh (BOM) Tutorials

Get Baked – A Quick Beginners’ Guide to Using Bakes on Mesh

Bakes on Mesh ‘for Dummies’

Activating Bakes on Mesh on your mesh head and body

Before you go BoM, do this first!

Mesh Head & Body Basics

How to transfer your preferred body shape onto your head shape

Catwa Tutorials

A beginner’s guide to Catwa Bento mesh heads for the Second Life male avatar

Catwa HD Lips Tutorial

Go Pro! – Catwa HDPRO Quick Start Guide

Pro Move! A Bloke’s Beginners’ Guide to Using Catwa HDPRO Heads

A Quick-Start Guide to CATWA EVOX

Other Tutorials

Second Life fashion photography for beginners

Second Life scammers and their tactics: A Virtual Bloke special post

From the CSR’s Desk: Tips for getting support

3 top tips for working with mesh heads & bodies

The trouble with Jake: Fixing a particular neck issue on Belleza’s Jake male mesh body

A beginner’s guide to using Discord for creator support in Second Life