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Shopping Guide

This page is by no means an exhaustive list of menswear stores and events in Second Life. Instead, it’s intended to give you a few ideas for places to shop at, to help you put together a decent wardrobe. All of the stores mentioned on this page are ones that I have purchased several items from, but just because a store isn’t mentioned here that doesn’t mean it’s no good!

I’m also not linking to skin creators, nor am I linking to mesh heads and bodies. This page is purely for clothing and hair. You will, however, always find skins at each of the menswear events, and if you want info on male mesh bodies and heads then click here for my Noob Dude guide to choosing a mesh head and body.

Please note: this page is (and probably always will be) a constant work in progress as new stores open and (sometimes) old stores close.


Cold Ash

Kitt Ragu for ::K::

Ascend Fashion

Lapointe & Bastchild

Tori Torricelli


Dig through this one; you’ll find some good basics among the more out-there stuff.
Nice group gift of a thermal at the mainstore.


David Heather
(not much on Marketplace, so check out the mainstore)

Not So Bad








No Match




Wings Hair

I’m linking to the SeraphimSL pages for each of these. Click on the most recent entry for each one to find a gallery of items available, plus teleport links.

The Men’s Dept (TMD)
(runs from the 5th to the 30th of each month)

Men Only Monthly
(runs from the 20th of each month to the 15th of the following month)

Man Cave
(runs from the 17th of each month to the 11th of the following month)

The Jail Event
(runs from the 10th to the 30th of each month)

Manly Weekend
(runs every weekend from Friday morning through to Sunday evening)