I guess I should have one of these Frequently Asked Questions page thingies, right? Okay, here it is ;-)

Why do you link to creators’ profiles instead of to their stores?
Mainly because stores frequently move around in SL, but most creators keep their store locations up-to-date in their profile picks. I’m a lazy shit and there’s no way I’m going to keep checking up on store locations, updating my posts to include location changes, etc. I figured that by linking to creators’ profiles, you should always be able to find their store, no matter where it’s moved to.

If you’re new and not sure what to do with the link, just copy it from the blog and paste it into chat in your SL viewer, then open your chat history and click the link. An inworld profile of that person will pop up.

Addendum: I’m currently not linking to profiles, because it was taking so much effort to keep digging through for links that it was putting me off posting. My eventual plan is to create a new page for the blog that features profile links for all of the stores that I’ve featured, but that will take some time to put together.

Where’s your blogroll?
Since I’m kind of anal (oh ha ha) about visuals, a blogroll on the main page of the blog would be like wearing a bulky wallet with a beautifully-cut suit; it would spoil the line of the suit. My blogroll is linked-to in the left sidebar of the blog because it’s on a separate page.

Update: The blogroll is currently ‘down for maintenance’, as I’ve not checked it for about six years and most of the links probably no longer work. I’ve made that page private until such time as I’ve manually checked all the links, removed those for blogs that are gone or that haven’t posted for about a year, and maybe added a few more.

Why don’t you allow comments on your blog?
I do allow comments! However, the blog is set to automatically close comments 30 days after a post goes live. I set this up several years ago, because spammers almost never try to hit the most recent post with spam comment attempts; they always attack older posts. Even though my Akismet anti-spam plugin catches 99.5% of spam comment attempts (and all first comments from an email address are held in a moderation queue, regardless, until I’ve had a chance to check them out) it was the proverbial pain in the arse to have to clear out hundreds of them that were held in my spam filters. Sometimes genuine comments would also get put in there if they contained links etc, so I had to check every one to ensure it wasn’t a legit comment.

I’m a blogger. Want to swap links?
Leave me a link to your blog and I’ll check it out :-)

I’m a creator. Want to blog my stuff?
If you’d like to send a sample pack, then I’d be happy to check it out. Please take a look at the Suited & Booted tag on the blog or my fashion Flickr set, to get a feel for my style (basically, I’m not your average ‘jeans and t-shirt’ or ‘dropcrotch pants McNerdy Guy’ type blogger) and see if it meshes with what you sell. Note: if it’s black then I can usually find a use for it ;-)

Please note that if you send me a restrictive note about exactly how I should blog your items, I will politely decline. If for example, you require that I show every single item in every single colour (or every single tone of a skin) then you have clearly not bothered to check out my blog, because that’s not the way I work. I’m not a promo blog; I’m (mainly) a style blog. I will pick the items that work best for my style and my avatar from any samples that are sent to me, and I will include those in a post. Please see my review policy for further clarification on this.

What’s your review copy policy?
Practically all the items on the blog are ones that I’ve purchased myself (there’s a reason why my inventory is edging close to 200k!) but wherever I’ve been given items, either personally by a store owner or by being placed on a store’s blogger mailing list, it will be noted after the credits, thus: *Review copy. Believe me, I don’t get much for free and I feel very awkward asking for handouts; I’m a one-man shopping machine ;-)

Please click here for my full (and very detailed) review policy and preferences.

Can I use your images to promote my own blog/Marketplace Store/inworld store, or to put on my product boxes?

Absolutely NOT. Please click here for my full Copyright Notice. The only exception to this is content creators whose products I have featured in my images or blog posts. If you can verify that you are  the original content creator, please contact me to request permission to use my images and/or text. Contact info can be found at the end of my Review Policy.

Will you give me a makeover?
I wish I had the time! Sorry, but no. I’ve been taking pictures of all my fashion shoots for years now, so check out my fashion Flickr set (all store info is in the details under the pics; more recent images without store info will be found on the blog, just search the blog for the same name as the pic title). The Suited & Booted tag on this blog is also a good place to start (although the blog’s not very old right now, so there’s not a vast amount there as of yet).

Do you accept guest posts? I’d like to write for Virtual Bloke.
No, I do not accept guest posts. I’ve only accepted one, a long time ago, but that was in response to a single open offer I made to a group of people who moved in Second Life circles that I was a part of at the time. I will not be accepting any further guest posts. Please don’t waste your time asking, either in SL or via email. The answer will always be NO.

You should stop swearing

This is my fucking blog and these are my fucking words. Kindly do not advise me—no matter how well-intentioned you think you’re being—regarding how you think this blog should be. And kindly do not recommend that I “not have an attitude” on my blog. Many people read this blog because of  the swearing and my attitude. I’m not sanitised and safe like many other blogs, and that’s the way I intend to keep it. I’m not here to keep you in your nice, safe little bubble where nothing offends you.

You wear a LOT of black…
Tell me about it. If you’re interested, I have a few colourways that I tend to wear:

– Black (accents: silver, gold, red)
– Brown (accents: gold)
– Red (accents: black, silver, gold)
– Teal (accents: black, silver, gold)
– White (accents: silver)
– Gold (accents: whatever works!)
– Silver (accents: whatever works!)

Can I follow you elsewhere?
Yes, I have a Flickr account that’s regularly updated with stuff that’s not on the blog.

Your blog is soooo gay.
Aww, thank you! *kisses*