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Store Focus: Tamiron Forge

Every now and then, there comes along a store that makes me want to buy and blog every damn thing they have. To that end, here’s a new category for the blog: Store Focus. One store, multiple outfits, one avatar and his emptied wallet ;-)

I’m starting this series with Tamiron Forge, creators of some of the hottest, sexiest costume menswear on the grid. Okay, designer Tamiron Landar sells womenswear, too, but ladies? Send your men here! (Guys, send your men here, too, because Tamiron really knows how to accentuate the finest points of the male physique.)

I have just three outfits to show you here (although, if you check out my Et tu, brute? post, you’ll see another one). Those are: Ser Farlan (an excellent, all-round roleplay outfit that will take you through any number of historical sims), Don Juan (the name alone should hint at the sexeh on this one; rowr!), and the one that earned a “HOLY FUCK! I see some ass! WHO HOOOOOOOOO! *gropes*” from Daros last night: Claudius.

We begin with Ser Farlan.

This is stupendous, having so many options and ways to wear it. Ser Farlan comes with an untucked shirt with frilly collar, or a tucked shirt to wear with the tabard (as worn here). Two sets of sleeves: ones with bracers (shown) and ones without, as well as the bracers included separately. Suede pants, and a chest belt that comes both with (shown) and without a silver drape. There’s a sculpted bulge with laces (to be worn with the pants only) and a pair of boots (although Skell is wearing a different pair here).

Skell is wearing the Corsair Boots from LightStar with this look. Like so many of LightStar’s amazing boots, these are incredibly versatile.

The location is reBourne’s truly gorgeous ‘Tibet’ Skybox.

Moving on to Don Juan next.

More versatility in yet another sexy outfit (that wide-open shirt… rawr!) You get more options than you can shake your butt at in this one. Skell’s wearing the bolero and belt with whip, but there’s also a shirt that just has that delicious corseted pants top, and two more belts: one plain, one with a rose stuck in it. (You even get a rose for your teeth!) Laced pants (textures that accentuate the crotch and inner thighs, plus lined corset lacing all up the outsides – holy hot fucking damn, Mary!) and even a classic Don Juan mask (which will double up for Zorro roleplay if that’s your thing *g*), a red-lined cloak, and a cavalier hat. Another sculpted bulge (which, for some reason, my fingers keep wanting to type as ‘bugle’; I must be obsessed with blowing… *koff*) and boots finish the outfit (again, Skell’s in LightStar boots).

Again, we’re at reBourne for the location; this time the Paris Skybox.

Okay, you waited this long, because I’m a tease and saved the sexiest ’til last. This one earned me much gropage from my boy last night, and rightly so, because it’s hot. It’s the Claudius outfit.

Now, normally I can’t stand your typical SL slavewear: all diaphanous and near-non-existent silks. That’s all well and good for a harem, but this is no harem look. This is part-slave, part-slut, part-SPARTAAAA! :p

Claudius is a fighting slave, showing his bravery by his lack of armour, just as the Spartans did. There’s not half as much to this one as there is to the others, but that’s kind of the whole point. A teeny kilt (which reveals a tease of buttcrack at the back) that’s held on by a clasp. A chest belt, wrist wraps, and arm bands, and a pair of sandals. (As before, Skell’s wearing different sandals: these are from The Fallen.)

Claudius waits for his lover, Daros, to return.

This final location (again, at reBourne) is the stunning Marrakech Skybox. I SAID THERE’S A SKYBOX IN THIS PICT– *sigh* You’re not even looking at the skybox, are you?

One final thing. Remember I said that Tamiron Landar really knows how to accentuate the finer points of the male physique?


Now, get shopping!

Tamiron Forge on Marketplace

Tamiron Forge inworld

reBourne Prefabs on Marketplace

reBourne Prefabs inworld

Common to all looks:

Hair: Exile – Dane (mink) (no longer available)

Skin: Belleza – Jacob Tan (Best Buys) [ tricky.boucher ]

Eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes (leonine) [ ikon.innovia ]

Eyeliner: Vanity Flair – Bastet Eyeliner [ lera.keng ]

Ser Farlan:

Outfit: Tamiron Forge – Ser Farlan [ tamiron.landar ]

Boots: LightStar – Corsair Boots (black) [ krystal.silverweb ]

Don Juan

Outfit: Tamiron Forge – Don Juan [ tamiron.landar ]

Boots: LightStar – Corsair Boots (black) [ krystal.silverweb ]


Outfit: Tamiron Forge – Claudius [ tamiron.landar ]

Sandals: The Fallen – Stich Black Sandals [ triad.fallen ]

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    1. Thank you! I realised that I kept typing variants of ‘once again Skell’s wearing’, so – while those stores are relatively few – I figured it would be a great way to highlight creators whose work I find so irresistible that I end up emptying my wallet at their store ;-)

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