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Holy shit, what’s with all this posting from me lately? I dunno what’s got into me O.o

Anyhow, I broke out the bling, because… well, because I felt like it. The analysis of exactly how this look came together runs roughly thus:

  • Start with the jacket and pants. Simple. Add a black and gold ‘SEX’ logo collar. Switch between black/gold and black/black about 5 times.
  • Add the glasses. Switch between black and gold options about 10 times.
  • Finally settle on gold as the accessoriser, and change collar and glasses accordingly.
  • Add gold septum piercing. Eyeball it critically. Too small. Remove it.
  • Add different piercings. Much better.
  • Decide that gold tattoos would be awesome. Hunt some down on Marketplace.
  • Try gold lipstick, too. Nah. Didn’t work.
  • Eyeball collar. Nope, that’s coming off. Just a bit too fussy around the neck with the tattoos as well.
  • Eyeball black hair. Hmm, let’s try the dark blond shades…
  • Try about five shades, flipping between two finalists before settling on one.
  • Spend the next TWO FUCKING HOURS trying to find footwear to work with the pants cuffs.
  • Sod the shoes. Shoot all the images from the hips up.

Yeah, that was roughly it. Did you enjoy that little insight? Crap on a cracker, the fucking footwear drove me nuts. I did find something eventually, but it wasn’t 100% what I wanted, so I settled for shooting from the hip, so to speak. And here it is. Might want some sunglasses on…

This actually came about because I was going through my inventory folder for July and I realised the TMD folder was empty… because I hadn’t even been to TMD this month! So I hightailed it over there after a quick squint at the gallery on Seraphim to ascertain there were a few items I wanted. Picked up some demos, legged it home, went back to purchase. You know the drill.

This cropped jacket by Gabriel really stood out in what was actually a pretty good TMD collection this month. I didnt get any shots of the back, but it has trailing straps from the shoulders. And yeah, I know my hair is poking through the standup collar. Both are fabulous enough that I don’t even fucking care :P

What with jetting around TMD, Men Only Month, We <3 Roleplay, and a few Marketplace purchases, I’m somewhat L$10k the poorer this week, but it was worth it. Can we just look at these fucking gorgeous shades for a moment?

Redgrave hits the mark yet again with eyewear. My very first mesh purchase was their Mantess sunglasses, and these ones just raise the bar even further. A generous customisation HUD for frames, lenses, the strap in the centre, as well as a couple of lens logos (and the ability to remove them; thank you!) will see these working for a lot of looks. Classic Aviator style brought bang up to date. I really love these.

Tattoos. Oh man, I am all over White Widow’s applier tattoos lately. These stunning gold ones caught my eye on Marketplace. They are, of course, advertised on a female avatar, because they are effectively representing a sirik. Note that these are applier-only. There are no system layers in the pack, although just about every main mesh applier is there, including Omega. For guys, the Slink applier works on the male Slink body, and the pack includes appliers for Slink hands, too.

And then, of course, I went all-out gold with the hair. This long style by Damselfly is out at this month’s We <3 Roleplay. Initially, I only bought the ‘tuxedo’ (black and whites) pack, but went back once more for the browns and dark blonds, and then again for the light blonds. This one’s definitely a keeper, because it’s so versatile.


Jacket: Gabriel – Half Top Jacket (TMD July)

Pants: E-Clipse Design – Osaka Pants Leather (TMD July)

Glasses: Redgrave – Sunglasses Ferraris (TMD July)

Hair: Damselfly – Zale (We <3 Roleplay July)

Tattoo: White Widow – Conjuring (gold : appliers only)

Cuff: Mandala – Utamaro Bracelet (black)

Piercings: Kibitz – Canion Unisex Piercing (gold)

Nail appliers: A:S:S – Serenata

Poses: XXY, Maitreya

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