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Menswear Fashion Week 2016

I’m pretty fucking heartsore right now, given the news, so this post won’t be as upbeat as it could have been, had I written it last night. I’m upset, I’m angry, and I’ve been wandering aimlessly across the news and social media, watching, crying, and fuming. It’s doing me no good whatsoever, so I’m going to do the best thing I can do: calm the fuck down and carry on.

*sigh* Well, here goes…

Menswear Fashion Week is upon us for 2016. The event runs from June 10th to 19th and you can find it here. Be aware that there are two regions; the one you want is the circular one (the other contains the runways for the fashion shows themselves). I’m glad they’ve separated the two areas out like this, because in the past it’s been like wading through molasses whenever a show is on in the main shopping region.

A note on the build this year. The location is based around Paris, with a gorgeous Arc de Triomphe at the centre of the region. Navigation is (unusually for large events like this) a snip: start at one end and stay on one side. Follow the shops in a line, turning in the same direction through each of the ‘corner’ locations and crossing to the opposite side once you reach the end of that area. Eventually, you’ll return to where you started. (If that makes no sense, just think of it like that advice on finding your way through a maze: keep one hand on the wall to your right OR your left as you walk through it.)

There were very few people on-sim both times I went there yesterday (once to pick up demos and the second time to actually shop) which surprised me somewhat. It was fantastic, though, to have a lag-free experience at the start of a large event, though I’m not so sure it will stay that way.

I picked up a few gems this year, unlike last year, which I found to be hideously disappointing. If you recall it, the entire event was based on a ‘tropical vacation’ theme, so about 90% of the designers had nothing but open shirts and beach shorts for sale. I think I purchased maybe one or two things from the entire event, and I was decidedly underwhelmed by it. This year is, thankfully, much better, with a less-restrictive theme in place. Paris: city of shopping! (And, coincidentally, my favourite city in the world to visit.)

I’m kicking off with something that’s pretty Mr Normal for Skell, but this jacket by Yasum really stood out to me in terms of style and cut and fit. You can choose from several different jacket leathers when you purchase, and each one comes with a pretty generous HUD for t-shirt customisation. The pack also contains the jacket with the tee and without.

For jeans, I went with the Oddity Pants (Robert: stonewashed denim) by A&D. And, believe me, these have an insane  customisation HUD. I’m not logged in right now, but at a guess I’d say you have something like 25-30 colourwashed options for the jeans, 10-15 colour options for the belt, and about 7 shades for the metal sections of the belt. You also get multiple leg fit and length options, from straight, loose, and tucked cuffs, plus two shorter lengths to fit inside higher boots. Truly stupendous for the asking price of just L$390.

Accessorising this was simple. I just wanted a great pair of shades and some short hair. I’ve had these Fee Sunglasses by Steinwerk for a while now, and—while they don’t suit all looks—they sure as hell suit this one.

The hair is by Dura, number 68 in their Boy range. I picked this up at The Mens Department, sometime earlier this year, but it’ll be in the Dura store by now. (Make sure you head to the Mens section at Dura, not the unisex one.)

And, finally, the skin. I originally bought a limited release of this Vince skin by Birth at the first Menswear Fashion Week, back in (I think?) 2012 and I’ve loved it for its stunning cheekbones ever since. (In fact, I commonly refer to it as my Holy Cheekbones, Batman! skin.) It’s now out in all its glory at the Birth store, and I did that rare thing of splurging on a skin fatpack; it’s that damn good. Although you can’t see it here, because Skell’s eyes are obscured by the shades, this ‘darkness’ option has eyeliner. And, as with all Birth skins (at least, in the older tonal range; it’s changed recently) I opted for the ‘straw’ skintone.

More to come from MWFW soon, including (god help us) something very colourful. Brace yourselves, my sartorial darlings…

Further info: Siren Productions SL


Jacket: Yasum – New York Track (dark grey)

Jeans: A&D – Oddity Pants (Robert : denim stonewashed)

Hair: Dura – Boy*65

Shades: Steinwerk – Fee Sunglasses

Skin: Birth – Vince (straw : darkness)

Poses: Diesel Works, Le Poppycock

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