Suited and Booted

Soft like stone in water

You are soft like stone in water.
You are shaped to soothe and make
all your corners round and lovely
while you’re running down the lake.

(I know. The song has nothing to do with this look, but it’s one that I’ve had on repeat a lot lately because it really speaks to me and I just love it.)


I was mooching around at Sn@tch yesterday, waiting to see what the new releases would be. With Ivey suddenly appearing under my feet on radar (I swear she was trying to peek up my pants legs, or something; dirrrrrty) I metaphorically tapped on the floor and said hi. One above-ground/below-ground conversation later, and I was the possessor of a hot little pair of heeled boots from the new fishing outfit—Sophomore—at the store. Oh, and Roblem’s lunchbox ;-)

Normally, I get any fishing outfit spares from a friend who parks her butt in the store overnight while she sleeps and sends me any extras that she thinks I can make use of once she wakes up. This time around, it was Ms Deschanel herself dropping the goodies in my lap, knowing how I love finding a great pair of heels that work on a male avatar, so I shot back home to try them on.

Holy fuckola, these are hot. Unrigged, yet fitting perfectly around the Slink Physique male mesh body, the best thing about them is that—once resized—the foot actually looks proportionate. Other heel-lovin’ guys will know that sometimes after sizing up a pair of heels, the feet still look teeny-tiny. That’s bad enough for the ladies, but imagine how it looks when you also possess big blokey shoulders. With these Chained Booties that’s not the case.

A tip from me when resizing footwear: To avoid having one shoe/boot slightly bigger (or smaller) than the other, select them both and stretch them together. Make sure you have ‘stretch both sides’ checked when you do this. Then move each one into place. If you need to size a bit more, select them both again. Do the same if you need to move them up or down a little, too. That way you’ll ensure they’re both exactly the same size and in exactly the same position.

I had most of the rest of this outfit on, so I just switched out my mesh pants for some Omega applier pants, also from Sn@tch. Behold the bitch strut, my sartorial darlings.

It’s no exaggeration to say that I fucking LOVE these boots. With most of the high-heeled footwear these days being made to fit Slink High female feet, those of us guys who have a penchant for heels either have to create a male avi on a female base, or shrug and mourn the lack of our favourite footwear. So, when something this good comes around, it’s wriggly-happy-stiffy-time. Er, sorta.


Anyway. Onward with the rest of it, now that I’ve gushed fit to bust over the boots. I’ve long been a fan of ZED’s fantastic goth creations, and this jacket is no exception. Amazing detailing in the sleeve laces and buckles, and it flares out nicely just enough from the waist to be forgiving of all but the loosest pants waistband. It also plays nicely with the male Slink Physique body and its alphas; just click off both arms and all of the back, from nape to butt.

The facial piercings and tattoos are both from a new Marketplace-only event called Buy Now (click that link for the blog). As expected, most of it is female content, but there are a few nice unisex items. I picked up my two favourites for this look: the Coma Tattoo by Inhale (the pack contains practically every applier out there, as well as tattoo layers for system/classic avatars) and the Max Piercing Set by Tabou. (Lip rings with labret not included: those are from my own piercing store, INDUSTRIA.) The ring (not very clear in this next shot, sorry!) is the Antler Ring by Cerberus Xing, another designer whose work I’m loving lately. Makeup by The Stringer Mausoleum and Lovely Disarray. Earrings are very old ones that I still adore, by Rozoregalia.

Back to the boots. If you’re not familiar with the fishing outfit at Sn@tch, you’ll need to buy a Seven Seas fishing rod (I think the basic one is about L$100, but the pro one can auto-cast, be silenced and set to throw away the fish that you get, keeping only the clothing items, according to my spares supplier) and then park your butt at Sn@tch and start fishing. You’ll catch random items with each cast, and every outfit has a set number of items to complete it. You’ll end up with a lot of spares, and you might end up only needing one or two sections (a bit like trading cards when you were a kid) so it’s a good idea to join the Sn@tch inworld group, so you can ask for any swaps and spares, as well as enjoy some naughty banter (there’s a reason why Sn@tch would be the last group I’d leave – heh).

The fishing outfits are changed around every two weeks, on a Wednesday, so you should have plenty of time to get all the parts, although the guys might just want to ask the ladies fishing in the store if they have any spares of the boots (you’ll need four parts in total: left and right boots, alpha layer, and foot shaper), because your other option (if you don’t have time to/want to fish) is to buy the entire outfit from the board above the fishtank. And, unless you’re into boob-revealing tops and miniskirts, you probably only want the boots. And maybe the stockings. Hey, I won’t judge ya! :p

Oh yeah, and then there’s Roblem’s lunchbox. I did stick my hand in there, but it was full of Spam sammiches, so, uh… might want to pass on that one ;-)

Getcha rods out!


Boots: Sn@tch – Chained Bootie* (black)
Pants: Sn@tch – Lowrise Jeans (Omega appliers & classic avatars)
Jacket: ZED – Distressed Black Goth Leather Coat
Hair: Dura – Boy*18 (black)
Eyeshadow: The Stringer Mausoleum – Wychelm Makeup (void)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray – Hozuki (black)
Piercings: Tabou – Max Piercing set** (black)
Lip Piercings: INDUSTRIA – Triple Lip Ring with Labret
Tattoo: Inhale – Coma Tattoo (appliers & classic avatars)
Skin: Swallow – Raphael (ivory – appliers & classic avatars)
Eyes: IKON – Charm Eyes (slate)
Earring (left): Rozoregalia – Gemma 4
Earring (right): Rozoregalia – Gemma 6
Ring: Cerberus Xing – Antler Ring (black)
Nail appliers: A:S:S – Black on Black
Lunchbox: Sn@tch – Lunchbox*
Poses: Momomuller/MMMA

*Review Copy

And the song that I can’t get out of my head (or off my Spotify repeat playlist)…

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