Suited and Booted

Methods of Dance

It’s such a price to pay,
You sense the doubt inside my mind,
But never ask me why.
No second chances now,
I could be sure if I were to live
at your speed of life.

Thought I’d try something visually different today. I wore this look for the Exploring Second Life meme post, but the images there didn’t really show all that much of it, so here’s a full post about it.

I’ll make no bones about it: I fucking love  David Sylvian and Japan. Always have, always will do. And, since I was listening to the Gentlemen Take Polaroids album (with a view to attempting something rather… difficult for the blog – heh) I decided to name this after one of the songs on there.

The jacket is a colour-change mesh overcoat from SF Design. Simple and classic, with the belt tied loosely at the small of the back. The shirt, too, is from SF Design; a much simpler clothing layer and sculpted prim one (which is usually best when the shirt doesn’t come as part of the mesh jacket. How many times have you tried to get a mesh shirt to fit under a mesh jacket without something  poking through somewhere? )

The pants are ones I picked up at the 2013 Menswear Fashion Week. Normally I’d run a mile from anything called ‘slacks’ (over here in the UK that name isn’t generally given to anything vaguely stylish) but these leisure slacks from Just Because are just that damn good I overlooked the name (even if I can’t help a small internal shudder every time I see it!)

Adding to my collection of glasses (Elton’s got nothing on me…) are these Aviators from ZOOM – another MWFW 2013 discovery. Plus, one of the best cigarettes on the grid, by Hermony (I don’t smoke IRL, but Skell does *g*) and hair by Exile.

Showing the knotted belt detail at the back of the coat:

The shoes are a great pair of Oxfords by Pixelfashion.

Here’s a new design:
The cut and style you know so well
spins across the floor

It’s the same old routine
Just one last word before you go
Why should I ask for more?


Jacket: SF Design – Mesh Wool Overcoat (colour-change) [ swaffette.firefly ]

Pants: Just Because – MG Leisure Slacks [ annie.melson ]

Shirt: SF Design – White Shirt [ swaffette.firefly ]

Shoes: Pixelfashion – Oxford Shoes (black) [ amandine.arai ]

Glasses: ZOOM – Aviator Classic (white gold) [ jonas.acanthus ]

Hair: Exile – Pulse (chardonnay) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette [ hermanni.laville ]

Ring: Lapointe & Bastchild – Sugar Skull Ring (all diamond) [ paul.lapointe ]

Skin: KOOQLA – Gray (04) [ rocketta.haven ]

(Anyone want to make me the pose that Masami Tsuchiya strikes in the middle-eight here? *g*)

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