Suited and Booted

Going into a heatwave, coming out with a brand new soul

You know that feeling when you’ve seen something in real life and you wish it was in SL? Well, thanks to JEYS, I now have a pair of boots that I’ve been gagging over for a while now. In fact, also thanks to JEYS, my wallet is considerably lighter after something of a fatpack-buying spree this weekend.

Just released at Equal 10, the Stravaig shoes and pants had me digging my hand into my pocket faster than… well, something very fast. (Hey, this is the second blog post in a month from me after a hell of a long break, so cut me some slack; I’m out of practice!)

Inspired by Rick Owens’ famous perspex-heeled boots, these shoes have been on my ‘wish it was in SL’ list for a long, long time. While they’re not the thigh-high versions that I’ve had my eye on, they’re damn close. And JEYS have even satisfied that thigh-high craving with another pair of boots, currently out at Alpha for a few more days (available both with socks & garter belt, and without). Yeah, I may have fatpacked those, too…

The shirt is also by JEYS, from an older outfit, and the gloves are part of a coat set by Gabriel, also out at Alpha until 17th January.

Lastly, that hair. The moment I saw Doux’s latest offering at Equal 10, I knew it was going to look good on Skell. And, to my joy, the Medium size marked as ” M/Boobs-” (as opposed to “M” and “M/Boobs+”) is flatter at the front and also fits perfectly over the back of a male body’s shoulders – something rare in a female style. It’s worth getting the full fatpack of this (although I do wish Doux wouldn’t call it a ‘blogger pack’ as it makes writing blog credits a bit of a nightmare!)

A crapton of layered makeup from Alaskametro, plus one hell of a statement necklace from Supernatural that I’ve had for a couple of years now, and we have the kind of leggy rocker androgyny that makes Skell one happy bloke.



Pants: JEYS – Stravaig Pants (Legacy, Jake)
Boots: JEYS – Stravaig Shoes (Legacy, Jake)
Shirt: JEYS – Domentor2-E/S Vest (Legacy, Jake)
Hair: Doux – IU Hairstyle
Gloves: Gabriel – from Loose Double Suit & Glove (Legacy, Jake)
Necklace: Supernatural – Abby Necklace (black)
Makeup base layer: Alaskametro – Astral Eyeshadow (Omega, BoM)
Makeup layer 1: Alaskametro – Black Magic Eyeshadow (Catwa, Lelutka Origins, Omega, BoM)
Makeup layer 2: Alaskametro – Duochrome Eyeshadow (Omega, BoM)
Brows: Warpaint – Keira Brows (Catwa, Lelutka Origins, Genus, BoM)
Skin: Stray Dog – Andrei (T4 – Catwa, BoM)
Head: Catwa – Skell*
Body: Meshbody – Legacy
Poses: R.icielli

*review copy

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