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Changing ways

Oh my fucking GOD, have Mandala ever released some beautiful jewellery this time around! I bought… a lot, but I’m just showing the item that blew me away here: the TefuTefu set.

This stunning collar comes with a HUD to change the metals (silver or gold) and the leather backing colour. Unisex earrings are also included, but I’ll put those into another outfit.

I don’t know why, but it gave me a kind of post-apocalyptic vibe. If you’ve ever seen Derek Jarman’s punk classic, Jubilee, then you’ll recall the moment when the Queen was on the run from anarchy, with the crown hidden in a bag. Bod killed the Queen and ‘liberated’ the crown for her own use. This collar gave me the same ‘looted glory’ feeling, hence the tattooed, burned, grungy-but-beautiful character I built around it.

Focusing on the face, first of all, I knew this character needed tattoos. There’s one go-to for me for those: The Plastik, with its extraordinary Soul Ink tintable facial tattoos. I’m using the ‘lust’ variant here – mainly because I love the asymmetry of it – but there are tens to choose from in the store.

Skell’s eyeliner is the simple (and cheap, which is always welcome) Visage Guyliner from 22769, which is the standard one he wears if he’s not…w earing any other makeup. (That doesn’t even make sense, but hey; you’re catching me at the end of a knackering RL working week here. I’m entitled to burble, ‘kay?).

No facial piercings, for once, but in his ears he’s wearing the Spiked Pierce Earrings from Pure Poison. Despite being sized for female avatars, these were a doddle to edit (sized up a smidge, then rotated an equal smidge), and they look incredible.

The belt is part of a well-worn favourite set of mine, the S’wear belt pack from Lapointe & Bastchild. I’ve worn this skull variant to death (pun intended). The detail (on this and all L&B items) is gorgeous. Sometimes I just cam in close and stare for a bit. And then I feel like switching Skell’s eyes for a green pair, because seriously…

Pants and boots! Wellllll, Ivey put out some new system-layer pants at Sn@tch for Woeful Wednesday, and who the hell am I to miss a deal like that? These are the Lizard Leather Pants (black, naturally, for Skell) but you get a full fatpack for just L$50 (assuming she’s left them out in the store for more than the requisite Wednesday).

As to the boots, these were a chance buy at the Genre event: the Callisto Boots from Senzafine. I adore Senzafine for their furniture and other decor items, but Synjari has been delving into mesh clothing of late. Skell can’t wear the clothing (it’s all female at the moment) but he sure as hell can wear the boots, since they come with a resizable unrigged pair. And yes, I may have bought all four colours that were on sale at the event…

The Grunge Apocalypse Coat from ZED sealed the character for me. I’ve seen a few of these on Marketplace, but the darker grunge textures (with skulls!) on this one made it a no-brainer purchase for this guy.

The hair is a style by Dura (Dura-Boy 18) that I come back to time and again, especially for this style of character.

Little details matter. The body tattoos from CoLL spread across Skell’s back and include some text, but they give just enough detail to break the expanse of skin on his torso. Deep cracks in his skin; this boy is damaged

Accessory bliss! I cannot recommend Remarkable Oblivion highly enough. Their jewellery is gob-smackingly good. I just had to give you a close-up of the Penitent ring (pack includes gold, silver, and black versions for both hands). You can also get a better view of the L&B belt buckle in this shot:

And the final accessory (necessarily small, because whatever goes on the left hand simply cannot compete with what’s on the right hand) is the Grey Glass Eye ring, from BC322. I found this little store on Marketplace and ended up buying several items. Extremely high-quality (there’s a belt that’s to die for; I’ll feature that here soon) and beautifully-textured.

Skin and eyes… well, it’s Fruk again, which is becoming yet another standby for Skell. This is the limited edition Rock of Ages variant of the Bennett skin. And for eyes, Skell is once again in IKON: the Ardent eyes in platinum.

Credit time, then music time (because, no doubt, you’re probably wondering what I’ve got on repeat at the moment).

Necklace: Mandala – TefuTefu Set (black) [ kikunosuke.eel ]
Pants: Sn@tch – Lizard Leather Pants (black) [ ivey.deschanel ]
Coat: ZED – Mesh Black Grunge Apocalypse Coat [ evk ]
Boots: Senzafine – Callisto Boots (noir) [ synjari.myriam ]
Belt: Lapointe & Bastchild – S’wear Death Skull Belt [ paul.lapointe ]
Ring (right): Remarkable Oblivion – Penitent (black) [ axsisthorn ]
Ring (left): BC322 – Gray Glass Eye Ring [ acco.oh ]
Earrings: Pure Poison – Silver Spiked Pierce Earrings [ shaleene.kenin ]
Tattoo (torso): CoLL – Darkness Emerging [ guenevere.decuir ]
Tattoo (face): The Plastik – Soul Ink Reloaded (lust) [ aikea.rieko ]
Makeup: 22769 – Visage Guyliner [ mondra.kira ]
Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes (platinum) [ ikon.innovia ]
Hair & Hairbase: Dura – Dura-Boy 18 (black) [ chiaki.xue ]
Skin: Fruk – Bennett (Rock of Ages limited edition) [ chucky.hollak ]

Headphones on, volume UP!

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