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Welcome to the show, welcome to my life

You know I have a veil
All covered up, to myself
It’s always there
Now they wanna know…
How does it feel?

Sit down, mother. I’m still alive ;-)

Sooo… how have things been with you, my sartorial darlings? Been buying pixel clothes like they’re going out of, er, fashion while I was away? Good, good. That’s what I like to hear. Well, I’m kinda back, and so—coincidentally—are the Monday Memes. So, naturally, I’m fashionably late and doing mine on a Wednesday.

But first, I’m going to tease you with this suit.

No, wait. With THIS SUIT. Because holy shit does it need ALL CAPS.

Choking on style, my dears. Just fuckin’ choking on it. *ahem* Now, let’s hustle into that meme-y stuff, shall we? This week, Berry’s challenging us to a “Never have I ever” confessional. Hrm…

  • Never have I ever had sex, in Second Life. – Nope. Never. *falls off chair laughing* What do YOU bloody well think? With a boyfriend as hot as mine?!
  • Never have I ever visited a sex sim, in Second Life. – In my newb days, probably. Daros and I explored all over the place, and we probably found one at some point.
  • Never have I ever been an escort or stripper, in Second Life. – Nope, not done that. Unless you count private roleplay with Daros ;-)
  • Never have I ever been in porn videos in Second Life. – Again, only private ones for Daros :p
  • Never have I ever done things that may be illegal in the real world, in Second Life. – Most likely, yes. In fact, definitely yes. Drugs and murder in roleplay sims.
  • Never have I ever created an ALT for secret activities, in Second Life. – *narrows eyes* That’s a sneaky one! I’ve created alts, yes, but not for secret activities, because that makes them sound like nefarious or shameful activities. I have store alts and I have other alts that I don’t link to my main account. I’ve also created an alt for a blog project I’ve been planning.
  • Never have I ever had a one night stand, in Second Life. – Nope, never.
  • Never have I ever been part of a roleplay community, in Second Life. – I’ve been part of a lot of roleplay communities in SL. It’s something that I love doing here, but sadly most of the communities have either closed due to lack of funds, or the admins have been… shall we say ‘unpleasant’ or controlling. The remaining ones that have lasted the longest tend to be the ultraviolence roleplay sims, which I don’t really have any interest in.
  • Never have I ever discovered a new fetish, because of Second Life. – *scratches head* I can’t think of any fetish I’ve discovered thanks to SL. Well, unless you count fancying pixelated boyfriends as a fetish ;-)
  • Never have I ever done things in Second Life that I wouldn’t admit to my friends or family. – Knowing how most people in my real life are, I barely mention SL to them at all, family or friends. I’ve tried to broach the conversation once or twice with old and trusted friends, but they don’t get it, so I let the subject drop. I honestly can’t imagine telling my family or friends that I have pixel sex with another pixel person in an online game, because… well, my friends at least would dine out on that one for-fucking-EVER. XD

Okay, onto the fashion, because I am all over this damn suit like a bad rash. It’s the Peak Suit by Deadwool, and four variants of it have been out at this month’s Mens Dept. This black pinstripe version, however, is only available at the Deadwool mainstore. As are the coat and the shoes, because (and this is a very rare occasion for me) I’m decked out entirely in Deadwool. Eh, almost. The shades and hair are the exceptions :p

What I adore about Masa Plympton’s work is the subtle detailing. Look at the creasing around the crotch there (yeah, I’m inviting you to stare at my crotch; subtle I ain’t) and where the jacket is buttoned. The shading at the back of the shirt collar, the crumples in the coat sleeves…. GAH!

The shades are by ZOOM. I tried several pairs of glasses and sunglasses with this suit. Okay, I went through about 50 pairs, and that’s not even half of my eyewear collection, but these Mercurium Glasses won me over. They’re just on-trend enough to tip this over from ‘another day at the office’ into something a little more haute.

Incidentally, do I look like I’ve put on weight? Because I used the CTRL+zero zoom trick on these shots, and… I’m not sure I like it. I know it’s supposed to get rid of the ‘fish-eye face’ effect, but I kinda think it makes Skell look as if he’s had one pizza too many around the face. Poor lad. I’ll put him on the pixel salads for a few weeks :p

The shoes, like the suit (which, incidentally, has the jacket and pants sold separately) are also by Deadwool. And the coat? Yep, also Deadwool. The suit jacket comes with two versions: the jacket itself (not shown on its own here) and the version to put the coat over.

Goddamn, this outfit just oozes class.

One more? Oh, go on then ;-)

Go forth and suit-up

Jacket: Deadwool – Peak Suit (royal) Jacket (black pin)
Pants: Deadwool – Peak Suit (royal) Trousers (black pin)
Coat: Deadwool – Oscar Coat (black)
Shoes: Deadwool – Dandy Shoes (black)
Glasses: ZOOM – Mercurium Glasses
Hair: Exile – Machinehead
Skin: Aeros – Javier (praline)
Poses: Miamai, Maitreya, Diesel Works

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