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Remarkable Oblivion has, yet again, sent me running with my hands in my pockets to buy something. This incredible The Admiral  hat is available at the current run of ‘Enchanted’, although you’re going to have to hunt around for it. Enchanted isn’t a very straightforward build; it has winding paths and areas that are not really visible from any of those paths. I ended up using Firestorm’s Area Search to look for ‘Admiral’ and finally found the hat in a small cove area off the main run, where the stalls were made to look like upturned rowboats. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of events that make it difficult for me to find what I want, so I’ll probably be avoiding this one unless I spot something else that I really MUST have. Organisers: take note – don’t make it hard for people to shop at your events!

Also at Enchanted (and in the same area, or else I would have given up looking for it) was this skully Pirate Eyepatch  from Tabou Irresistible. With a customisable strap and multi-way script adjust (no manual adjust, I’m afraid) it’s another must-have for me, but be warned: the white frill around the skull is full-bright and there’s no way of editing it. This means that, if you want to take some snapshots in shadow, you’re going to end up with this:

Creators, please don’t do this :-(

It’s still a great item, but the no-mod full bright just meant that I couldn’t take the more shadowed shots that I’d planned on, so it limited my creativity there a wee bit.

Anyhow, moving on, because that’s two “great stuff”s and two complaints in one post, and that’s more than enough for anybody. So let’s take a look at the fact that Skell is wearing a girl top :p

This Battle Sweater  from Sn@tch had me eyeballing the boobs in the ad rather more than you might expect. Mainly because, well it is  a ‘girl’ top, complete with boob shading. But it came with Omega appliers, and thus could be used with the Slink Physique male mesh body, so I dropped Sn@tch creator Ivey Deschanel an IM asking how heavy the under-boob shading was on the black version. She checked for me, and said it was barely noticeable, and (bless her generous heart) sent me a copy so I could try it out.

And she was right; it just looks like well-defined pecs. Guys, you could wear the black version of this without looking as if you’ve sprouted a pair of knockers, so it’s one to run for. Added bonuses: with the Omega appliers you can have it with or without the long sleeves (just don’t enable the sleeve options on your Slink HUD) so it does double-duty. And… STRAPPED CORSET. *ahem*

I’ve added a bit of frou-frou (naturally; you expected anything less from me?) in the form of this fabulous mesh feather boa from Sweet Fireflys. I think I picked it up at the Dark Style Fair earlier this year, but hopefully it should be in the mainstore or on Marketplace by now.

The pants are also from Sn@tch – the Second Skin Leather Pants – and they, too, are available with Omega appliers. The belt is an old favourite from Lapointe & Bastchild’s S’Wear range, which I drag out time and again because it’s that good.

Tattoos from White Widow at the current round of We <3 Roleplay, and hair from Rezology (which, although you can’t see it from the angles these images were taken at, is a nape-tied ponytail).

Let’s hit the studio so you can see this in a bit more detail, including the boots. Because, well… boots, my sartorial darlings, maketh the outfit.

Oh hell yes. These are the tall Rock Boots  from Pixel Box, which is a treasure trove of a store, and well worth a visit if you have a few hundred (or a few thousand) L$ burning a hole in your virtual wallet. Yes, the fit isn’t 100% perfect (you can see a little bit of poke-through on the inner left leg there at the top, purely because the Slink alpha options are either too low or too high, but that doesn’t show in normal use when you’re just walking around. And I’ll forgive a lot for a great pair of heels like that ;-)

Seriously, my pictures don’t do this hat justice. I was salivating when I tried it on (and yes, of course  I bought the fatpack!).

Onto the little details. The piercings are (again) old favourites by Kibitz, and these rings are also by Kibitz. They were created for female hands (Slink Casual), but they are manually resizeable, so guys you can chuck on the size 20 ones and spend 15 minutes stretching and rotating and they’ll fit your big male Slink Relaxed paws just perfectly.

I know. No nail polish. O.o (I actually forgot!)

The eyebrows may no longer be available, since I picked them up years ago. They’re by La Malvada Mujer, and – because they’re white – they’re my go-to whenever I wear white hair these days. There was a time when I only ever wore white or black hair, so it feels natural to go back to it again.

The makeup (I went minimal: only one layer!) is by Adored and can be found at Sad November this month. Lastly, the skin (and applier) is by Swallow, and the eyes are by IKON.


And now for… an announcement!

I’ve realised that putting together a full linked credit list is what takes me so long to update. It can take as long to do that as it does to write the entire post, or edit all of the images. To that end, from this post onwards I’m only going to be offering the store name and the item name. My plan is to have a new page on the blog that lists the stores and then links to the creator’s profiles – the same way that I have been doing in the past – but it would mean only getting the links once, for that master list, rather than every single time. It’ll take a while to put that together, but once it’s done it will appear in the sidebar of the blog.

Your shopping list for this look

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – Admiral (black)
Eyewear: Tabou Irresistible – Pirate Eyepatch (skull)
Makeup: Adored – Smolder Eyeshadows (bandit)
Tattoo: White Widow – Caravage (black) – Omega Appliers
Shirt: Sn@tch – Battle Sweater (black) – Omega Appliers*
Pants: Sn@tch – Second Skin Leather Pants (black) – Omega Appliers
Hair: Rezology – Panache
Boa: Sweet Fireflys – Last Night Fur Boa (black/black)
Boots: Pixel Box – Rock Boot (long/silver)
Belt: Lapointe & Bastchild – S’Wear “Death” Skull Belt
Piercings: Kibitz – Esoteric Unisex Piercing (silver)
Brows: La Malvada Mujer – Eyebrows 8**
Rings: Kibitz – Rosie Rings (onyx)***
Skin: Swallow – Raphael (nutmeg)
Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes (storm)
Poses: CheerNo Motion, momomuller
Body & Hands – Slink

*review copy
**old item; may no longer be available
***for Slink Casual (female) hands, but edited for Slink Relaxed (male)

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