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Wolf Hour: Catwa’s new ‘Shaheen’ male Bento mesh head

No, my sartorial darlings, your eyes do not deceive you. Skell has gone ginger.


It won’t last, I promise ;-)

A few days ago, Catwa Clip released her third male Bento mesh head, called Shaheen. After ten minutes of playing with the demo and slapping as many applier skins as I could find on it (as well as trying different shapes) I splurged on it, because my God  is it versatile. People in the Catwa group have been sharing their images of Shaheen, and I’ve seen it go from being Middle-Eastern in appearance to Asian, to—in my case—celtic.

In short: if you’re looking for a Bento mesh head that will really  give you a lot of options for styling, I strongly suggest that you demo this one. This is how I styled it yesterday:

Hair Fair has, of course, just started. If you want access to all the demos without the lag, join the Hair Fair Demo group and check notices. (This group is free to join. You shouldn’t be charged any fees for joining any groups related to Hair Fair, so if you are  expected to pay a fee then you’re not trying to join the official group.) You can also find images of everything available at the fair on this post of the Hair Fair blog, which is sorted very clearly by region and location.

As a side-note before I begin talking about the hair I’m featuring here:

I want to say a big thank-you to the organisers of the Hair Fair event. They have pulled out all the stops to ensure the event is as simple to navigate and as lag-free as possible. Each region is sub-divided, and avatar visibility has been removed from adjoining parcels and regions. This means that you will only have to render those on the parcel you’re currently in.

Added to that, each section of stalls at the event has different-coloured shutters to help identify them (very handy if you check the blog, since each store’s region/shutter colour/location in the region is listed there). Also, the signs outside each store are named for that store, so if you have ‘show tooltips’ enabled you can hover your cursor over them and find out where you are if textures are slow to rez.

And, finally, direct teleporting is enabled (no godforsaken landing point to get choked up with avatars!) so if you grab from the blog the SLurl of the store you desperately want to visit, you’ll land right in front of that store.

OK, now I’ve got my profuse thanks out of the way, can we just sit and drool over this hair? Stealthic have brought three styles to Hair Fair this year, all of them female and Bento-rigged. I picked up demos for all three, and this one just screamed  ‘celtic prince’ at me. It’s utterly perfect for historical or fantasy roleplay looks and—as you can see—works just as well on men as it does on women. (Although do be aware, guys, that it will dig in a little between your shoulders if you’re using a male avatar base. In my opinion, this hair is more than worth that little inconvenience.)

An added bonus is the fact that you don’t need a hairbase with this hair, because it’s created with one included. (In fact, if you try to wear it over a hairbase applier, you’ll get alpha glitching, so remove the applier and appreciate the fact that you just don’t need it!) Oh, and it also comes with a styling HUD, which contains several different ways to wear the hair.

I just can’t stop looking at that profile. Seriously, the nose on this head is just killing me; it’s so perfect. Here, have some differently-styled shots. I’ll credit everything at the end of the post:

And here is a front-on view. I’m using my usual shape here:

And, well, just because ;-)

You can pick up the free demo of Shaheen at Catwa’s inworld store. Head inside the store and you’ll find it on the central pillar in the side room to your left. The full price of the head is L$5000. You’ll get store credit when purchasing, so if you buy anything  from Catwa, I recommend getting it from the inworld store rather than from Marketplace. Store credit racks up pretty quickly, and you’ll find some nice cheap extras that you can use it on once you’ve accrued enough, as well as some group gifts.

Credits (images 1 & 2)

Hair: Stealthic – Genesis (Bento Fitted) (reds HUD)
Vest: Gild – Long Vest with Knit Skull Scarf (black)
Pants: Gild – Colour Denim Pants (black)
Skin applier: Avenge – Matthew (peach)
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (olive)
Brow appliers: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow (shaved)
Head: Catwa – Shaheen
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Hands: Slink – Dynamic Male

Credits (image 3)

Skin applier: Tableau Vivant – Nyx (tone 4)
Hair: Stealthic – Reach
Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (fjord)
Brows: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Men’s Eyebrow (shaved)
Shirt: Body Factory – Brad Shirt

Credits (image 4)

As image 3, but the clothing is as follows:

Jacket: ZED – Lace Up Steel Leather Hoodie Jacket

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