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I’ve been a proper little shopping whore this past week, my sartorial darlings. I hope you’re proud of me ;-)

The Mens Dept has begun its 5th anniversary round, and Dark Style Fair is also underway, so today I’m showcasing a couple of items from both of those. I’m also rolling around in new skin appliers for the Catwa Daniel head, so expect to see a couple more posts featuring those over the next few days.

First up, the hair. Skell has had Exile hair all but glued to his bonce for years now, and this new ‘Outsider’ male style out at Dark Style Fair is joining the illustrious list of oh god, how the hell can I choose?  in his, er, hair wardrobe? (Seriously, you think the ladies out there have massive collections of hair; you should see Skell’s inventory.)

This is another hot, mussed style by Kavar Cleanslate. He just does that ‘hands have been running through this’ look so fucking well, and I love it. (Sidenote: I bought a new chair with some verrrrry  nice animations in it yesterday, and Daros and I spent last night, uh, enjoying them. This hair sort of suits exactly how Skell looked by the end of that time…)

The skin applier is ‘Liam” for Catwa (peach tone) by Avenge. Multiple body appliers are available at the store. Slink hands and feet appliers are sold separately (the Slink body applier won’t work on Slink hands and feet). If (like me) you buy the head and body appliers from Marketplace and then go to the store for the hands and feet appliers, make sure you go upstairs to get them. The Slink hands and feet appliers on the lower floor aren’t labelled specifically as female ones, so you could end up making the same L$300 mistake that Skell did. (To be fair, I’ve only had about three hours of sleep…)

The ‘Enzo’ shirt is out at The Mens Dept, and it’s by Ascend. There’s a huge range of colours and subtle patterns to choose from, and you get both a shirt and a loose tie with each purchase.

The ‘Deepforge Chains’ piercings are by Cerberus Xing, and they’re currently out as a free gift for members of L’Homme Magazine Readers Group. I paid full price for these a couple of months ago, damn it! XD You’ll get both left and right sets, in black, gold, and (shown here) silver in the pack. Each item is a single mesh piece, so they’re an absolute doddle to resize.

Skell’s eyes are from a recent fatpack purchase of Avi-Glam’s ‘Celestial Eyes’. These ones are from the Arctic HUD, but I don’t know which individual tone they are, sorry!

A small note for owners of any Catwa Bento heads: Catwa has released in group notices a Bento Presets HUD. This is a fucking awesome  piece of kit that contains 21 placeholders (and I’m guessing you can simply make another copy to hold even more) for any combinations of presets on your Catwa head. I’ll let Catwa’s own notecard explain it:

  • 21 Presets slots, Each button has script, please use this HUD in low lag sim and detach when done.
  • Each Preset slot can save all of the textures applied on your worn Bento Head, also saves the alpha state and tint color of each layer.
  • When clicking the reload button which is above each save button, it will reapply the previously saved data.
  • You can save from any bento head that is version 2.13 and higher, and reload the saved data to any other bento head that is version 2.13 and higher.

I’m chuffed to bits about this, because I’m that guy  who has a folder full of notecards with RGB values for various hairbase tints and the like. Now I can just save them on the HUD and reload them any time I want.

Dark Style Fair runs until May 22nd, and The Mens Dept ends on May 31st.


Hair: Exile – Outsider* (naturals HUD)
Shirt: Ascend – Enzo Shirt (plain black)
Skin applier: Avenge – Liam (peach – Catwa only)
Piercings: Cerberus Xing – Deepforge Chains (silver – gift)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Celestial Eyes (arctic HUD)
Brows: Avi-Glam – LOGO Eyebrows
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento)

*review copy

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