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World Goth Fair post number three, my sartorial darlings, and this is the first of two (possibly three; omg so much gorgeous stuff to be had!) that will focus entirely on accessories. To be more specific: on jewellery, makeup, and nails. It doesn’t matter what gender your avatar presents as, these are things that will (usually) work perfectly, or with some minimal editing. Granted, a lot of the jewellery out there can’t be resized to fit the much bulkier male avatar mesh, but when it can be, I’ll blog it.

One of the things that makes me want to hop around in glee (the avatar side-eyes his pilot and mutters, “You ain’t making me  hop around in glee, pal,”) is when a creator makes an item that is one single piece of mesh. By that I mean, when you go to edit and stretch it you can see not only the white ‘corner’ boxes to stretch the entire thing, but you can also see the side/top/bottom blue, green, and red boxes for stretching any way you like.

Yes, there’s a lot of mesh jewellery and suchlike that, while linked, is still only in two or three pieces, but those require a bit more fiddling to resize correctly, whereas single mesh items are perfect for stretching to fit the wider male neck and the thicker male wrist etc. Where that is a feature of the items that I blog, you betcher life I’ll mention it! Look out for Single Mesh Item(s) in the posts for those.

So, today’s post focuses solely on some of the accessories to be found at World Goth Fair. This is by no means an exhaustive list (I still have tons more to go through, so expect at least one more post about accessories) so the best way to find out what’s there is to go shopping, dammit! Remember, too, that many of these items benefit either in-part or wholly the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, whose aims I discussed in my first WGF post. So, if you visit the World Goth Fair you get to look pretty and  Do a Good Thing.

Okay! to begin with, what remains the same throughout these images? My skin is Thanatos  by Fruk, my hair is Akio  by Exile, my eyes are variants of the Midnight Eyes  by *By Snow* at World Goth Fair, and the decor is Picture in the Attic  by NanTra, also at World Goth Fair. I’ll just give descriptions and names beneath the images, with creator’s profile links at the end.

Kicking off… well, c’mon. BONES. I love me some bones, so I had to start with this awesome set by Bliensen + MaiTai. Available in several shades, from silver to bone, to dark. Nail appliers and makeup are from By Snow.

Necklace & Bracelet: Bliensen + MaiTai – Mano – Single Mesh Items
Makeup: By Snow – Nalea Eyeshadow (white) – wearable demo
Nail appliers: By Snow – Fishnet Manicure – wearable demo

Edging into some colour, we’re heading now to LNS Designs for this fabulous necklace, which is available in a fuckton of colours, so you should be able to match any outfit. Nails and makeup by Beautiful Freaks.

Necklace: LNS Designs – Captured Iron Cross Necklace (purple)
Nail Appliers: Beautiful Freaks – Loli Manicure ldg2
Makeup: Beautiful Freaks – Divinora Eyeliner (vicious violet)

Female jewellery now, and this is just one of the items from Chaos Panic & Disorder. It’s a huge statement of a pendant, again available in many different shades. Makeup by Pin Me Down and Beautiful Freaks, and nails by Chaos Panic & Disorder.

Necklace: CPD – Lucretia Necklace (rusted)
Nail appliers: CPD – Itsy Bitsy Spider
Makeup base: Pin Me Down – Erius in gold 3
Makeup overlay: Beautiful Freaks – Drusilla Eyeliner (copper)

Next, we’re hitting up Sax Shepherd Designs for this amazing set that includes collar, earrings, belt, and various cuffs, all ready for your RLV scripts should you wish to insert them. These are truly stunning, and I want to point out here just how beautifully  the collar fits the male neck. It’s shaped just perfectly. Guys will know how hard it is to get a collar to fit on the much-wider male neck; you get the top fitted just right and you then have to move it up practically under your chin so that it doesn’t dig in at the base. So this one’s a real treat to wear. Multiple pendants are available, including Ankh and pentacle, but I had  to choose the skull! Makeup by Pin Me Down and Beautiful Freaks, and nails from The Little Bat.

Choker & Earring: Sax Shepherd Designs – Risq: Desclos – Single Mesh Items
Nail Appliers: The Little Bat – Resurrect
Makeup Base: Pin Me Down – Erius in midnight
Makeup overlay: Beautiful Freaks – Drusilla Eyeliner (teal)

Again from Sax Shepherd Designs, this Coffin Jewellery set, with the ability to change not only the pendant design (as before, ankh, skull, pentacle, etc) but also to switch from white to red in the centre of the coffin. Makeup from Pin Me Down and Beautiful Freaks, and nails from By Snow.

Necklace & Earring: Sax Shepherd Designs – Coffin Jewelry – Single Mesh Items
Nail Appliers: By Snow – Wicked I
Makeup base: Pin Me Down – Erius in red
Makeup overlay: Beautiful Freaks – Demonia Eyeliner (black)

This lovely set (oh, Skell, you look so pretty in pink – heh! – watch him squiiiirm at that) is from Eclectica. Since this is more of a close-up I’ve just got eyeshadow for you here, and that’s from By Snow.

Necklace & Earrings: Eclectica – Perenelle Goth Jewellery (purple) – Single Mesh Item
Eyeshadow: By Snow – Nalea Eyeshadow (purple)

And, finally for this post, this adorable little bat choker by Howling Asylum. Makeup from By Snow.

Collar: Howling Asylum – Drusila Winged Choker (red)

World Goth Fair landing points:
Cursed ~ Sium ~ Port Seraphine (Fair runs until June 1st)

Your store list for this post from World Goth Fair

Sax Shepherd Designs [ sax.shepherd ]

By Snow [ snow.frostwych ]

Pin Me Down [ shyntae.demonista ]

Beautiful Freaks [ axi.kurmin ]

The Little Bat [ drusilla.dethly ]

Chaos Panic & Disorder [ lilah.munster ]

LNS Designs [ caresia.adored ]

Bliensen + MaiTai [ plurabelle.laszlo ]

Eclectica [ tiffy.vella ]

Howling Asylum [ moon.watanabe ]

NanTra [ nancroix.urquan ]

Other Items

Fruk [ chucky.hollak ]

Exile [ kavar.cleanslate ]

All WGF items in this post are review copies. Thank you!

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