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Hail to the King

Posting queen, I’m a blogging fiend, here comes the posting quee–

*coughs* *toes Abba CD back under the bed* *gets on with blogging dammit*

Are we still with World Goth Fair? You betcher life. Since I’ve been wandering around for a day with this outfit on, I thought I’d better bung it up here for sharesies and stuff.

I have to start with the scene, because it’s gorgeous. A multi-pose chair (singles and couples poses) with a dais and draped background, it’s the Vampyra Throne  by Angelic Designs.

Clothing! The Alaric Jacket  is a well-fitted mesh stand collar jacket by Dark Passions, and it comes in multiple colours. I’m glad to see some widening below the waistline on this, to allow for mesh pant fitting (and also for Skell-type booty fitting; the boy’s got ass, my dears). Shown here is the black brocade version. And, since this image has a lot of red in it, I figured why not go with some nice blood-red pants. As usual, I ended up digging in my old Sn@tch clothing layer folder and came up with these Do a Trick leather pants, and I swear these are still some of the best clothing layer leathers I own. Ostensibly for female avatars, there’s enough good crotch shading that they work niiicely for the boys, too ;-)

The boots, gah! I’ve blogged these once already, but here they are again! They’re the Axi Boots  from The Little Bat, and you can find them in their gacha at the fair. Lots of colours, but you know me. Black is black (ooh, I want my— yeah, shut up with the singing already, Dagger).

Note: that pose is not included with the chair. It’s one of my own, from R.icielli. It just worked beautifully to show both outfit and chair off together.

Skell’s makeup, eyes, and nail appliers are all from By Snow, his hair is by Exile and his skin is by Fruk.

IT’S BEHIND YOOOOU! (Ha! Couldn’t resist this. I had these old ghost textures in my inventory, so Skell’s being haunted by a banshee. I think I’ll call it Severin.)

World Goth Fair landing points:
Cursed ~ Sium ~ Port Seraphine (Fair runs until June 1st)

Your store list for this post from World Goth Fair

Jacket: Dark Passions – Alaric Stand Collar Jacket* [ bcreative.wilde ]

Boots: The Little Bat – Axi Boots (gacha item)* [ drusilla.dethly ]

Makeup: By Snow – Lacuna Eyeshadow (red)* [ snow.frostwych ]

Eyes: By Snow – Midnight Eyes* [ snow.frostwych ]

Nail Appliers: By Snow – Wicked I* [ snow.frostwych ]

Scene: Angelic Designs – Vampyra Throne* [ angelica.leiner ]

Other Items

Pants: Sn@tch – Do a Trick Leather Pants [ ivey.deschanel ]

Skin: Fruk – Bennett (Thanatos) [ chucky.hollak ]

Hair: Exile – Akio (raven) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

* Review copies. Thank you!

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    1. They are fabulous boots and well worth the time spent fitting (which wasn’t much time, to be honest; they sized up nicely and only needed to be moved a fraction).

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