Suited and Booted


Armin van Buuren blasting through headphones, slap piled on with a trowel, plus bonus glitter. Just another Friday night for a certain Mr Dagger ;-)

Last week I blogged a Catwa applier from Swallow, and Skell was Snoopy-dancing in a somewhat undignified manner at finally  having what he’s been whining for, for what seems like fucking years. Well guess what? Swallow have released another  Catwa applier, and it’s out for just L$550 at Black Fair until April 21st.

Yes, Skell is wearing colour. Settle down, have some Valium, it’ll be all right.

Not only do we have a new Catwa applier from Swallow, but we also have new hair from Exile to celebrate the opening of their new store. And this? Is fucking FREE. Packed to fatness with every HUD, including the ‘mix 1’ version that Skell made with the grabbyhands over as soon as I attached it. It’s unusual for him to actually want to wear brightly-coloured anything, but he clearly had something in mind here.

(Er, someone please tell me I’m not the only one whose avatar just bloody takes over  sometimes?)

The Swallow applier comes with three versions: this heavily made-up one, one with a dark partial stain on the lips (see this Flickr image), and a browless version (again with the dark partial lip stain).

Given that he may as well have been rolling gleefully around in a vat of glitter, he’s looking rather stern, but eh. Said glitter is by Rhiannan Lane for Demonic, and it was available at the January round of Totally Top Shelf. Hopefully it’s now available in the Demonic mainstore.

Eyes from Avi-Glam (my go-to Omega applier eyes these days; this Elysian set is just gorgeous) and Mr Intense was ready to glower at his sartorial darlings.

Go forth and shop! (Oh, and if you’re heading to Black Fair, drag your graphics settings way the fuck down, set Max Avatars to zero, and Max Complexity as low as you want (mine was 20,000 and I didn’t give a toss if any fashionistas got upset at their viewers spamming them with “someone can’t see you” messages). LOD shouldn’t be any higher than 2.0 unless your computer is capable of intergalactic space flight. I was lagged to SHIT  there because of the beautiful but overly-complex mesh buildings in conjunction with 40+ shoppers. You’ve been warned!)


Hair: Exile – Tommy (mix 1) – FREE
Skin applier: Swallow – Gothic Catwa (ivory)
Glitter: Demonic – Thalani Glitter (black – Omega applier)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Elysian Eyes (ocean – Omega appliers)
Ears: Swallow (included with the Gothic Catwa skin)
Head: Catwa – Daniel (Bento viewer required)
Body: Slink Physique Male

P.S. The Slink male hands have been upgraded to Bento. Grab a redelivery of ’em!

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