Suited and Booted


There’s a new menswear release from GizzA, and it’s bloody awesome. Vintage Aviator Jackets, Military Pants and Worker Boots.

Six colours in total (you know Skell always wears black, so that’s what you get here!) for the jackets: black, blue, brown, dirty, green, navy blue.

The jackets come both with and without the undershirt.

There are 12 (twelve!) colours for the pants, in dual-colour packs: blue/stone, desert/beige, grey/black, olive/brown, terracotta/sand, and camo green/camo stone. These are very specific to this style of boot, so will work with any combats or work/bovver boots that you have. And nary a saggy dropcrotch in sight ;-)

The boots are a tad more complex. Colourways as follows:

Black (options: black, brown, or blue leather)
Blue (options: black, brown, or blue leather)
Brown (options: beige, black, or brown leather)
Green (options: black, brown, or green leather)
Olive (options: beige, black, or brown leather)

I’ve gone with typical military accessories: the mirrored aviators (from Krieger), the dog tags (from Mandala), the cropped haircut (Dura for the base and Burley for the style). Earrings are by Mandala and piercings by Pekka.

Love this look. Raw and rough, yet really kinda hot ;-)


Jacket: GizzA – Vintage Aviator Jacket* (black) [ giz.seorn ]

Pants: GizzA – Military Pants* (black) [ giz.seorn ]

Boots: GizzA – Worker Boots* (black) [ giz.seorn ]

Glasses: Krieger – Aviators [ idestroyedtomorrow ]

Necklace: Mandala – OKAKI Dog Tag necklace (silver) [ kikunosuke.eel ]

Earrings: Mandala – Sinra Piercings (samurai black) [ kikunosuke.eel ]

Hair: Burley – Biff (black 03) [ bella.earst ]

Hairbase: Dura – Black Hairbase [ chiaki.xue ]

Skin: Birth – Fang (straw) [ silent.alchemi ]


Grafica for the Men Only Gatcha Event* [ alyx.aerallo ]

Del May [ del.may ]

*Review copy

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