“What are you dooooiiiiinnng?”

Once again you find me full of a stinking cold, my sartorial darlings. The resident Typhoid Mary at work has infected three of us with her offspring’s latest brought-home-from-school offering, so these words are being typed through a haze of hot lemon de-crapifying drink, a throat that feels like it’s swallowed a cactus sideways, and full-on snot-n-sneezes. (Hey, enjoying your breakfast over there? *g*)

Today’s Monday Meme is asking about photobombing, and while I really don’t have the oomph remaing in my poor, infection-ravaged body (oh, shut up, it’s man flu, dammit) to go out and inflict my avatar on someone else, I have been photobombed myself on occasion. I don’t often shoot on location, but when I do there is invariably some poor soul, usually devoid of important things (like, say, a great deal of their clothing… or most of their brain cells) who flies above me or walks right up to me, and then asks, “What are you doing?”

Being English (and brought up proper-like) I usually reply politely that I’m taking pictures for a blog and ask them if they would mind moving out of shot for me. Most of them do, but there are always the persistent ones who linger.

“Why are you taking pictures?”
“What’s your blog about?”
“Can you lend me L$200?”

Then, there are the ones who want to be in the photo so they can be on a blog. Seriously? I’m dressed up in some tragic copper robot steampunk outfit, shooting a dark storyline at Innsmouth (or what-have-you). What makes you think I want Miss Booby Blingtastic 2008 sticking her pixel knockers up my nose on the blog?

In fact, I could  have photobombed someone myself last night inworld. I’d been at Exile, picking up some new hair, and when I teleported back home my Mysti immediately alerted me to the fact that someone was in the house. Resigned to yet another  round of, “Excuse me, private property, kindly leave now,” (because I never eject-on-sight, especially if it’s a newb; I figure a quick tutorial about why it’s impolite to just barge into a clearly owned-by-someone-else home and start using their furniture will never go amiss), I cammed around and realised there was a female avatar sitting in my favourite armchair in front of the fire… completely stark-naked and taking photos of herself (I knew she was taking pics, because her avatar kept smiling).

I swear, our poor beagle in front of the fire was traumatised. DO NOT walk into someone’s house, strip off and start snapping your naughty pics on their furniture, miss!

So yeah, I should have stood behind her and ruined her photoshoot, but to be honest? There’s no fucking way I want pictures of Skell with some naked pixel floozie floating around the interwebs.

As for polite English gentleman? Yeah, she was booted on sight. Naked be-damned. OUT OF OUR HOUSE with yer tits, dammit.

Anyhow, completely unrelated to the subject matter, have a shot of Skell’s Rockstar persona on a fabulous new chair by 22769 [ Bauwerk ]  at World Goth Fair. Including a ton of great poses, it’s available in both plain and gold brocade versions at the event, together with a huge load of other fabulously-dark and gothy items, which benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation – a very worthwhile cause that’s dear to my heart. For more info, check out the World Goth Fair blog.

And, with that, it’s time to take my sorry, snotty, sneezing arse off to work. AAA- AAAAA- AAAAAAAAAAA- CHOOO!


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8 thoughts on ““What are you dooooiiiiinnng?”
  1. Oh, my! Naked people just coming in and sitting about your parlour? That’s terrible! Naked be damned, indeed!
    So sorry to hear you are under the weather (or worse). Hope you get all well very soon. Traipsing into the office whilst sick can be such a drag. (Can one trapise whilst sick? I suppose so, as my grandmother used to caution me against sashaying…)
    I love Berry’s memes. and do them when I can. We’re on a bit of a blogging hiatus, but I just might have to do this one…
    To your complete recovery from the sneezies! Cheers!

    1. I was slightly gobsmacked. We’ve had people wandering into the house before (most people have, at some point, found a newb trying to blunder out through a wall) but never one with the bare-faced cheek (I so pun) to strip off and use said house as a photo location for naughty snaps!

      Thank you for the well-wishes. I’m not so much traipsing as trudging, as in the wonderful definition given by Paul Bettany’s character of Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale

      “To trudge: the slow, weary, depressing yet determined walk of a man who has nothing left in life except the impulse to simply soldier on.”

      As to the Typhoid Mary who infected me, she seems to be getting better. I think I may go and breathe on her tomorrow. ;-)

  2. Ah man. Hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds like maybe a 2 day cold.
    That girl did what? oO You need a security Orb. I’ve had one too many home invasions to tolerate even telling politely to noobs to leave. In fact all my home invaders knew they were invading and once even kept banging uglies on my furniture right in front of me as I tell them to get the hell out. The security orb will allow you to pick only a certain area to make private so you can leave your store or other areas open to the public.

    1. I wish it was just a 2-day cold. Sadly, I’m already on Day 3 and it’s getting worse. I’m now at the point where the bonus of a cough so bad that my eyeballs might pop out is adding itself to the delightful mix. And, when you’re asthmatic, a cough that bad can set off an attack. So I’m living on Lemsip, throat sweets, and guaifenesin cough syrup now. I’ve just spent another ten quid just on restocking my cold & flu cabinet!

      Add to that the fact that a person whose job I have to cover when they’re not in has decided they wanted tomorrow and Friday as holiday (and they got it), and I also have to work Saturday, and I’m feeling kinda miserable about everything today. Bah.

      I know I need to get an orb, but the intrusions to that home aren’t that frequent. It was just the sheer gall this one had of stripping off and taking photos that made my jaw drop!

    1. Weeeeell, y’know, that nipple-scrapin’ “I’ll be yo baby momma” teeny tank doesn’t quiiiite fit the aesthetic of the blog. Nice clit ring, though…

      *ducks and runs* XD

        1. Sad thing is, I do actually remember seeing a newb female avatar (highly likely it was a horny male driving it, mind you) ‘dressed’ in one of those Freebie Warehouse teeny swimsuits (you know the ones: two bits of string and three postage stamps) and with enough bling sparkling in her crotch to blind any guy that dared to get close enough. I backed away v e r y s l o w l y. (I would’ve run, but she might have seen me – lol!)

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