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Skell’s “My Second Life” Haiku

So, Strawberry Singh’s recent meme got me thinking. I do love me some fun wordplay, so here is my “My Second Life” haiku:

And, for those squinting at the lovely script:

Big and be-leathered
I gaze at you, lips parted
My clothing folder

And before you get any ideas, there’s only one person I gaze at like that, and he’s small and oh-so-gorgeously-formed. And sometimes he wears leather. Mmm, my boy in leather…

Uh.. s’cuse me. Gotta go see a… *waves hand vaguely* man about a… *even vaguer wave as he legs it*


BTW, I did the current meme (My SL Movie Poster) years ago (well, 2010, anyway), on Flickr:

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2 thoughts on “Skell’s “My Second Life” Haiku
    1. You absolutely should! As long as you don’t mind foul language and you have a strong stomach (it is about heroin junkies, after all, although it doesn’t glorify it) it’s such a damn good movie. The book is a great read, too. Even the fact that Welsh writes in Glaswegian vernacular doesn’t detract from how good it is.

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