Suited and Booted

The battle between avatar and pilot

Picture the scene, if you will:

Avatar: Oh FFS, nothing’s going right today.
RL: You are SUCH a whiny bitch.
Avatar: I’ve just been through every fucking Windlight setting and none of them look right!
RL: *pointed look*
Avatar: What?
RL: Shut up and click the snapshot button. You look fine.
Avatar: Whaddya mean, ‘fine’? Is that our understated Britishness coming out again?
RL: We ARE British.
Avatar: Oh! Oh, wait! Look, this one works!
RL: Thank fuck for that. You gonna let me vanish into Photoshop for a bit now, so I can work on it?
Avatar: *beams* Yep. I’m going to bed.
RL: *silent fistpump behind avatar’s back, fires up Photoshop*
Avatar: *peers over RL’s shoulder*
RL: *tightly* You’re supposed. to be. in bed
Avatar: Just making sure you remember to edit out my nose triangles
RL: Honey, your shades are so massive in these pics, you can’t SEE your nose triangles
Avatar: WAIT!
RL: *cursor streaks gaussian blur across the entire image; sighs and hits CTRL+Z* What now?
Avatar: You can’t post that. The earring is all wrong!
RL: *peers at earring* It’s a great earring.
Avatar: I know, but it doesn’t look right for the outfit!
Avatar: Don’t you dare fucking post it!
RL: *sighs, closes Photoshop* Okay, okay. Go to bed.
Avatar: *kisses cheek and slopes off to bed* G’night!
RL: G’night. Sweet dreams!
Avatar: *snoring sounds*
RL: *peeks in at Avatar. Good. Sound asleep. Fires up Photoshop again, muttering* Whiny little…


Credits ;-)

Necklace: House of Rain – Deliverance (red cord) [ dolce.blackflag ]

Glasses: LeLutka – Hype Shades 3 (old group gift) [ thora.charron ]

Hair: MADesigns – Logan (black viii) [ ]

Hairbase: Exile – Hairbase 2 (raven) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Skin: Fruk – Bennett Skin (shade 4 black brows) [ chucky.hollak ]

Vest: Razor – Trekka Vest [ kehl.razor ]

Pants: Neurolab Inc – Mesh Baggyz (uni black) [ ono.zinner ]

Earring**: Pure Poison – Trianghula Earring (silver) [ shaleene.kenin ]

(**Which is actually awesome. Ignore the whiny avatar…)

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