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Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Spread a little happiness

Dear Diary,

It’s surprising, really, how few people in this little pixelated world we inhabit think to contact a creator when something goes right. They’ll quickly send an IM or a notice if something is wrong (and sometimes, oh boy, they do themselves no favours with the way they phrase their problem. “I bought this and WTF? Is this a joke?” doth not for a happy reply make), but when they actually like or enjoy something? It’s usually nada, and I get that; I’ve been that person, too – ooh-ing and aah-ing at a build I’m exploring with Daros, but never thinking to send the creator a quick IM to let them know how much we enjoyed it.

I’ve been to builds that have knocked me for six, for which the creators are lauded throughout the blogs, but I’ve also been to places where it’s the small things that I love. The exquisite textures of the Zigana store (past and present). The texturing on the drawers and vase I bought last week from the Kastle Rock Arabian Market. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for an outfit I’m putting together, in RYCA: a store I’d never heard of or seen blogged very much.

And sometimes I receive those kindnesses myself. It saddens me a bit that they come so rarely, but I’m a very small fish waving his creative prim-n-sculpt tail in a fucking great big ocean of ultra-talented creators all hammering out exquisite mesh creations the like of which I doubt I could come close to achieving (mainly because I downloaded Blender, opened it up, took one look at the squillions of buttons/sliders/inputs, and my jaw dropped. Um, yeah, I’ll get back to that one day…)

Last night, I was the recipient of excellent service from a creator, and overnight I received a lovely offline IM from a customer. I have thanked them both personally, but I want to thank them here, too. So…

THANK YOU! to Stasey Oller, creator of Pink Acid, for adding resize scripts to a pair of rigged mesh heeled boots that I’d bought. Graciously acknowledging that a ‘click boots to resize them’ notecard inside the folder was accidental, she then went out of her way to rectify the matter by customising a pair of the boots for me, gladly and with a smile. Service like that is always remembered.

And THANK YOU! to EQ (since she’s not a creator, I’m not sure if she wants her full name out there on a blog) for the lovely offline IM she sent me about my work. I woke up and read my emails, and that put such a smile on my face.

In other news.. Okay, Collabor88. I’ll come back later…

(And, seconds after I took that, I was logged out. AGAIN!)

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