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Yet another new release from Mandala, yet another scramble to buy it. What can I say? I’m a sucker for good texturing, and holy crap does this new necklace set have some of the best texturing I’ve ever seen.

This, dear reader, is the Yakushi Jewellery Set. Many colours are available, but… well, if you don’t know Skell’s predilection for black by now, there’s no hope for ya ;-)

Crap on a cracker, would you look at that thing? I mean, just bloody stare at it. I certainly have, for the past few minutes. Stunning.

*koff* Anyway, eulogies aside, Skell flung some clothes on to go with it. A simple cardigan from Aphorism, and Fruk’s exquisitely-textured pants, together with some classic loafers from Gizza. Because, when the jewellery is that standout, you don’t want to distract from it with busy clothing, right?

(Seriously? I have no idea why those pants looks so incredibly black in these shots, unless my monitor is on the blink. Scroll down the the very end of the post for a non-shadow shot that shows them much better. I really have to stop fucking around with shadows so much!)

The cardigan was from the last Men’s Dept collection, but hopefully should still be available in the Aphorism store. As well as the cardie, Skell decided one more teeny-tiny little accessory was required (*eyeroll*) so he plumped for one of his favourite rings from KOSH.

The sunglasses were a fabulous find at RYCA. Script resize, and they work well on male avatars as well as the female avatars they were intended for ;-)

Skell’s hair is my favourite Elvis-style quiff from Exile, and his skin is the one I’ve mentally dubbed his “Holy Cheekbones, Batman!” skin, from Birth. Originally released at this year’s Menswear Fashion Week, hopefully it should soon be out in the Birth store, as last years MFW skin, Fang, was:

Skell’s not usually one for loafers, but these ones from Gizza (again, released for Menswear Fashion Week this year) just worked perfectly for this look. I have no overall, concrete idea of exactly what this look is (usually they inspire some kind of little story in my mind), but hey… it works for me!

At the top of the post, and below, the decor items are from Kusshon and Botanical. The Kusshon items are from past events (again, hopefully out in the store by now!) and the Botanical plant can still be found at the current Genre event (nice touch: it’s tintable, so you can match the lighting to your decor).


Necklace: Mandala – Yakushi Jewelry Set (black) [ kikunosuke.eel ]
Cardigan: Aphorism – Black Cardigan [ rucy.byron ]
Pants: Fruk – BioTech Pants (black) [ chucky.hollak ]
Shoes: Gizza – Loafer Shoes (black/white) [ giz.seorn ]
Sunglasses: RYCA – Sunglasses DN (silver/black) [ ryca.doobie ]
Earrings: Pekka – Explode Unisex Piercing [ kathya.szczepanski ]
Ring: KOSH – Nebula Ring [ lynaja.bade ]
Hair: Exile – Drake (raven) [ kavar.cleanslate ]
Eyes: IKON – Horizon Eyes v2 (pale turquoise) [ ikon.innovia ]
Skin: Birth – Vince ‘Golden Blonde’ Skin ‘Viva Las Vegas’ (straw) [ silent.alchemi ]
Couch: Kusshon – Arhus Couch (gray wool) [ beolas.whitfield ]
Table & decor: Kusshon – Lil’ Couch Table [ beolas.whitfield ]
Lamp: Botanical – DEx Plant Lamp 1 [ kriss.lehmann ]

P.S. Like the skybox? I’ve chucked it out at my store, Domicile, as a limited-time freebie. Here’s your limo to grab 10m of Bliss: Nothing Really Matters.

And here, of course, is your music:

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