The SLife of I

Bust a move? Bust a gut trying to get back in, more like

Nick Rhodes has long been something of an icon for me: a guy not afraid to wear makeup and dress outlandishly, as well as being one of the best synth composers and players since Eno. Today is his birthday, and the DDU sims in SL are throwing a party, up in the spaceship in Khanada region.

So there Skell was, screen full of opened Humanoid dances (never rely on a dance HUD at laggy events; play them directly), with the party just getting started. Suddenly – *ting!* – that sound we all dread. “You have been logged out of Second Life. The region may be experiencing trouble.”

Yeah, yeah. The region was struggling, everyone was lagged, but it’s one of four private regions and 43 avatars should be able to fit easily onto the sim. I suspect that those regions hadn’t yet received the LL bugfix for the random disconnects at busy events that some people have been experiencing, and which has been going on since December 2012, if this forum post is anything to go by.

Naturally, I hammered the login server, but Skell just wasn’t being logged out. For 15 minutes I tried, even sending an alt to the sim (who couldn’t move, but who could verify that Skell was still stuck there, dancing). And then… the alt got logged out!

*sigh* So anyway, it was fun while it lasted. Just a shame it didn’t last any longer, because having the same machine logged out at random, twice in the space of 20 minutes? No way was I going back, to risk being stuck again.

Anyhow, happy birthday, Nick. Thanks for all the music, and the artistic inspiration ;-)

(Pure theatre. That shot of the ghost-white chauffeur on his hands and knees knocks me flat every time.)


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