The SLife of I

An exercise in frustration

Trying to get a photoshoot done for the blog has been an exercise in frustration tonight. I suspect it’s my graphics card. I am NEVER buying ATI again, I swear. I don’t know what possessed me to switch from NVIDIA in the first place, but this Radeon HD 7800 has given me nothing but problems since I got it.

Of late, the world around me keeps fuzzing out and then back: a constant rebaking of textures. Not on my avatar; rather of everything around me. See the painting behind Skell in this image? It was sharp for a while, then it blurred. Texture-refreshing it in Firestorm brought it back to sharpness again… for about 30 seconds, then it blurred once more. (Larger image here, in case it’s not obvious in the resized shot in this post.)

Usually, this happens after I’ve been logged in for between one and two hours, and I have to relog to get sharp textures back again – for about another hour or two. But today?

I got just fifteen minutes before the blurring started. I gave up after about ten minutes, and simply logged off.


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