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There was a Truth group gift for the ladies this week. You did  pick it up, didn’t you, guys? Tell me you did…

Because – while it’s ostensibly for the ladies – guess what? It looks damn good on blokes, too. As an added bonus, there’s also an unrigged version in the gift, so you can edit those pesky bits that dig in between your shoulders (tip from me: stretch the bottom of those bits up, rather than trying to pull them out backwards). You also get Truth’s ‘Variety’ HUD with it, which means you get 16 essential colour options. Okay, 14 plus a couple of kooky ones ;-)

So, if you didn’t pick it up, best you head back to the Truth store and check the subscribe-o-matic’s history option, eh? ;-)

Anyway, today I’m feeling loose-n-easy (oh hush, not like that…) so I’m in some pretty casual stuff from the current Mens Dept collection. The shirt (with optional scarf) is by Scars, and the sandals (for Slink feet only) are by Reverie.

The pants are part of the current ‘Snatch & Grab’ cheapo release from Sn@tch. Again, it’s a female outfit, containing tank tops with mesh boobage, BUT it also contains a full set of clothing layer studded belt pants (with the requisite mesh body appliers for the ladies) so – at the low price of L$75 – I sn@tched them up (ha!) They’ll be out at that price until (I think) Wednesday July 15th, when a new cheapie takes over.

The skin is the latest release from Clef de Peau at The Mens Dept. Note: the skin doesn’t come with eyebrows, so you’ll need to purchase those separately. As always, check carefully to make sure you’re buying the correct version of the skin, as both TMP appliers and skins for classic (standard) avatars are available. I’ve added an old favourite guyliner by 22769 to the skin, too.

The piercings are by Cerberus Xing at The Mens Dept, and the eyes are new from IKON.


Hair: Truth – Essena (unrigged) [ truth.hawks ]
– group gift (Subscribe-o-matic)

Shirt: Scars – Switching T-shirt (black/stole) [ sin.knoller ]
– at the July Mens dept.

Pants: Sn@tch – Badass Studded Pants [ ivey.deschanel ]

Sandals: Reverie – Soho Sandals (black) [ paolla.flux ]
– at the July Mens Dept

Piercings: Cerberus Xing – Split Set (black) [ kamayari ]
– at the July Mens Dept

Skin: Clef de Peau – Calum (T4) [ lapenderiedenicole ]
– at the July Mens Dept
— eyebrows sold separately

Eyes: IKON – Odyssey Eyes (storm) [ ikon.innovia ]

Nail appliers: A:S:S – In Darkness 1* [ photos.nikolaidis ]
– at My Slink Obsession (July)

Makeup: 22769 – Visage Guyliner [ mondra.kira ]

*review copy

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2 thoughts on “Cream on chrome
  1. I love this look, I love your blog! You remind me of a young Alice Cooper in this look, which can mean only one thing… Coolness.

    Why do I love your blog so much, you probably aren’t asking? Well I’m glad I asked! It’s because you WRITE. There are so many SL blogs out there that have great photos, and I love me some great photos, but then the only text is the “what I’m wearing / what’s in the set (furniture/props)” info under the pic.

    Ok, ok, it works for a lot of folks. But I *enjoy* reading your writing! I get to giggle to your British humor (or is that humour?), and you made me learn a new word! I love that! I now know what ‘sartorial’ means. Now I can truly be a sartorial darling.

    Thank you for taking the time to write when you post your pics. That’s what keeps me coming back to the blog, instead of just checking out the pics on Flickr.

    Oh and I really enjoy the “bitch, please” posts. The one about the shoes had me rolling. I have a male avvie too, just so I can play dress up the male dollie, and he gets all huffy when we go to shopping events and Prettyflower can come home with loads of stuff and he has like 2 stalls dedicated to him in the 50 stalls at the shopping event. He ends up wearing girl stuff too. But he’s a faery too, so he can get away with that crap.

    With much fangirl love from one of your sartorial darlings,
    Prettyflower Vale :)

    1. Aww, thank you! And there was me thinking that sometimes I ramble on just a bit too much! XD

      I’m pretty much the same when it comes to blogs. I like to read stuff alongside the pretty pictures. If I can get exactly the same thing from a Flickr image, then I’ll just add the blogger on Flickr instead. Sure, I’ll probably need to click through to their blog for a credits list if they post something on Flickr that I like, but on the whole I’ll ignore the blog and just keep an eye on Flickr. I like words; they show personality. (I would say that they also show effort, but a heavily-Photoshopped image also shows effort, so that one’s a case of ‘swings and roundabouts’, but still…)

      For Virtual Bloke I pretty much knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with just SL fashion. I don’t ‘do’ pigeonholes, and if I’m going to have a blog I’m going to use it to the fullest. It also keeps things interesting, especially on those days when I’ve tried on eleventy-bazillion things and am wailing, “Shiiiit! I don’t have anything to weeeear!” – because then I can follow up with, “Oh fuck it. I’ll do a meme instead.” :p

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