Suited and Booted

The longest road to nowhere

Giddy up and gold dust, all the cars turn to rust,
you’ve got no means for wanderlust.
Pastel trailer park, stars so bright to hide the dark.
All is quiet in the yard.

One of my favourite purchases of the previous year was a fabulous long duster coat by Deadwool. So, when I saw that they’d released a new, shorter coat I had  to demo it. It lived up to its predecessor; in fact, it surpassed it. My god, people, this coat is fucking beautiful.

Also featured in this post are two items from the December Men’s Dept collection, so be aware that they may no longer be available come January. Be warned!

The coat comes both with (shown here) and without the grey silky t-shirt. It’s a beautiful piece of mesh construction, with solid insides to the sleeves (sad to say, a lot of mesh still suffers from that invisible inside/underside issue that looks so weird and wrong at certain angles).

The pants are another stunning item, this time by Guarded Cross. I discovered GC on Marketplace a few years ago, and have been keeping an eye on the store. They have some great pieces, so it’s worth cherry-picking through to see what works for you. One thing I will say, though: these pants, though gorgeously-textured, are long and skinny. The back hems reach almost to the bottoms of your heels, so you might struggle to find footwear that works. I have these great Oxfords from Pixelfashion, and they work perfectly with a little bit of resizing (and a pair of black socks!).

Accessories come from KOSH (the ring and necklace), Haus of Darcy (earrings) and Death Row Designs (ear cuff; close-up on that to follow). Hands, of course, by Slink. Nail appliers by A:S:S for MiaMai’s new ‘Golden Thread’ collection.

The hair is from the December Men’s Dept collectiom and it’s by INK. I really love this style. (Small downpoint on the hairbase, as it has a join at the temples that’s visible when you zoom in, but it’s negligible and not noticable from a distance.)

The pants come with a HUD to change the belt texture, and they also come in several colours. Naturally, I picked up the black pair (and I went for light black for the belt texture, but I was sorely tempted by the snakeskin belt…)

The skin is the latest male offering from Essences at Men’s Dept. I loved last month’s Lamb  skin, and this new Kyle  one is definitely worth demoing. As with the Lamb  skin, this one will probably not be available at the Essences mainstore after the current Men’s Dept collection is finished, so you’ll want to grab this one as soon as you can. I could only find female skins at the mainstore when I visited yesterday to see if appliers were available for the Slink hands. (No reply to my IM to the creator on that point, by the way…)

This is the skeleton ear cuff from Death Row Designs. You get three variants in the pack, for each ear. And, seriously, it’s only L$50. What the fuck are you waiting for?! :p

(Gah! The Firestorm texture-thrashing issue had the pants texture fuzzing out there, but I simply had  to take that shot before I relogged.)

One thing I’m noticing about the Slink hands, and that is they don’t tend to play too well with some long-sleeved coats and jackets. If your arms stay by your sides, they’re fine with this coat, but if your AO has you ruffling your hair or scratching the back of your neck (or any other pose that raises your arms or bends them in any way), well then… you’ll probably get this:

…which is kind of a pain :-/ And yes, Skell’s even wearing the large size coat, when the medium fitted him far better around the chest and shoulders. How about it, Siddean? *bats eyelashes, hopefully*


Coat: Deadwool – Corto Coat (black) [ masa.plympton ]
(comes with and without t-shirt)

Pants: Guarded Cross – GC501 (black) [ ryosukito.felisimo ]

Shoes: Pixelfashion – Oxford Shoes (black) [ amandine.arai ]

Hair: INK – Hair Against (black)** [ nontroppo.torii ]

Skin: Essences – Kyle (brunette)** [ inka.mexicola ]

Necklace: KOSH – Studeni Necklace (ebony) [ lynaja.bade ]

Earrings: HoD – Dragon Spiral Gauge (razor & slide) [ aydan.darcy ]

Ring: KOSH – Nebula Ring [ lynaja.bade ]

Ear cuff: Death Row Designs – Skeleton Hands Ear [ jaimy.hancroft ]

Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes (ice)* [ ikon.innovia ]

Nail Appliers: A:S:S – Serenata [ photos.nikolaidis ]
(for MiaMai Golden Thread Collection)

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Poses: Agapee [ argnit.igaly ] and Grafica [ alyx.aerallo ]

*Review copy
**December Men’s Dept collection

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