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Virtual Bloke: A Year in Fashion

Well, okay, seven months in fashion. Virtual Bloke began on May 24th this year, so I’ve not done quite a year on the blog. However, this post does  go back a whole twelve months in my fashion life. Oh, and this is me totally  failing at that “I don’t do year-end summaries” thing, okay? You didn’t see me say that.

January – March saw me:

Walking the dead

Being a louche bastard in a corner cafe

Shuffling with a bovine grace and gliding in syncopation

Swingin’ with the boys

Darkly Dreaming

And having fun with projected lighting

April to June saw me:

As Prince of Spiders

Laying down in darkness

Loving the paradox

Finding out that Bill was dead

Changing ways

Blurring Lines

July to September (busy months!) saw me:

Bounty hunting

Getting in touch with my Leonine self

Vamping it up

Setting off Geiger counters

Following unicorns on the highway



Going full-on tart

Taking no second chances

Learning that there’s something about this place

Counting stars

Making a mess and dancing

Being a bitch out of order

October to December (more busy months!) saw me:

Giving 20%

Discovering Nathan

Living in films for the sake of Russia

Firing a Marxist gun

Finding out if cute boys make passes at other boys in glasses

Being your main man if you’re looking for trouble

And also:

Tailoring those clothes to fit your guilt

Finding out the good life’s never won by degrees

Picking up Christmas gifts

Dropping off Christmas gifts

Landing in The Network

Watching the ceiling fly away

To all my Dear Readers: have a fun-filled (and safe) New Year. Bring on 2014!


Skell x

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