Suited and Booted

I’ll know his secret name, and tell him about the night time

So I’ll be a fleeting sound,
a light-ray out on the water.
And I’ll know his secret name,
and tell him about the night time.

Not quite fifty of ’em, but I’m in shades of grey today. Mostly dark ones, though they claim to be shades of black (and, if you’ve ever tried to match differing shades of black you’ll understand the problems that I occasionally encounter, what with that being my ‘colour’ of choice).

We’re at The Mens Dept, which still has a week to run in its current incarnation, and I’m featuring items from some of my favourite designers. So, without further ado and whatnot, let’s do the scrolllll down…

I’ll start with the pants and footwear, since that pic is the only time you’ll see them! The pants are from [VALE KOER] at The Mens Dept, one of several items they have available. I also bought the top from there, but decided to pair these fantastic future-y pants with something else. Yes, they skirt a teeny bit close to what Skell considers ‘acceptable crotch bagginess’, but they’re not quite of M.C. Hammer proportions (shit, did I just show my age?!) so I can live with that.

I featured the footwear in my previous post, and I’m going with it again here. When it comes to Roman-style sandals of this ilk (these are for Slink feet only) and mesh pants – also of this ilk – finding something that will surround the bottom of the pants without letting them poke through can be a bit of a trial. These sandals by Reverie are wide enough that the pants fit beneath them, and – since those pants are slightly short in the leg – something high is needed to avoid “My pants had an argument with my ankles” syndrome. (I did try several other pairs of Roman-style sandals, and these were the only ones without poke-through.)

On to the jacket, and it’s by VRSION KONVERT at The Mens Dept. As always, with VK stuff, I bought… one of everything… in black. (I think by now I should be nicknamed ‘Model T Ford’ or something: any colour, as long as it’s black.) I bought both this version of the jacket and the version that came with the attached kilt. The t-shirt is changeable via HUD (although, you guessed it, I went with black – or, rather, dark grey).

The final item from The Mens Dept is the hair from Dura. Yet another fantastic style from there, and I’m pleased to see a designer still using shine on pure black hair textures. A while ago, there was a trend towards matte texturing, which – while it worked for other colours – left those of us who have a preference for black hair sometimes looking as if we’d just bought white hair and hit the ‘black’ colour button in edit mode. Shine is good, people!

Lastly, the ever-present slap and spiky stuff. This jaw-dropping makeup set is from Madrid Solo. I picked it up at Menswear Fashion Week the year before last, along with practically everything else the store had taken to the event. I love the ‘erased’ look around the eyes, which was enhanced by the fact that I laid it over a dark guyliner/shadow combination from 22769.

The eyes are from IKON’s newest line. I have my go-to colours that I almost always buy whenever a new line comes out, and ‘Storm’ is one of them. (‘Glass’ is guaranteed to be another.) The piercings are old favourites of mine from Kibitz (I’ve lost count how many outfit links I have to them, but I’d probably run out of fingers and toes if I did  try to count them) and the earrings are from Just Magnetized. I really love those ones, so you’ll see me in them a lot. The glittery statement rings are from Maxi Gossamer, whose jewellery I bloody adore, because it’s all adjustable so that blokes like me can wear stuff that’s ostensibly made for the ladies.

Lastly, the skin is an old group gift from Clef de Peau. I fell in love with this one as soon as I tried it on. It’s so damned versatile.


Jacket: VRSION KONVERT – 4.1 M jacket w Shirt (black) [ badon.rain ]
– for the July Mens Dept

Pants: [VALE KOER] – Scuba Pants (black) [ bob ]
– for the July Mens Dept

Hair: Dura – Boy*61 (black) [ chiaki.xue ]
– for the July Mens Dept

Footwear: Reverie – Soho Sandals (black) [ paolla.flux ]
– for the July Mens Dept

Skin: Clef de Peau – Gaspard (almost ghost) [ lapenderiedenicole ]
– No longer available (old group gift)

Rings: Maxi Gossamer – Duchess Dazzle Jewel [ maxi.gossamer ]

Piercings: Kibitz – Esoteric Unisex Piercing (silver) [ kathya.szczepanski ]

Makeup: Madrid Solo Male Designs – Sweltering [ madrid.solo ]

Eyeshadow: 22769 – Visage Guyliner [ mondra.kira ]

Eyes: IKON – Odyssey Eyes (storm) [ ikon.innovia ]

Earrings: Just Magnetized – Genesis Magnet Earrings (star onyx) [ justyna.magne ]


Le Poppycock [ olivia.lalonde ]

Dimma* [ isabeal.jupiter ]

*review copy

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