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We are so fragile

I’m still sidelined by this horrendous cold, my sartorial darlings (I know, I know; “It’s only  a cold,” but when you’re asthmatic any respiratory infection could be big trouble, and in all honesty this one’s an absolute stinker. Eurgh) but since today is World Goth Day itself, I couldn’t let it go by without dragging my sorry, snotty pixel arse inworld to blog it. And how better to celebrate than by wearing heels (natch) and the gothiest of gothy tuxedo-style suits, replete with enormous Dracula-type collar?

Before I focus on the fashion, though, there’s a heap of live DJ sets and music coming up today on the Cursed region, with prizes to be won as well. Check out this post on the WGF official blog for set times and suchlike. And don’t be surprised if the place gets packed out later today; if you log in with Firestorm you’ll have already seen that the fair is the MotD in the viewer, so it’s gonna get deliciously busy!

Also, if you need maps to any of the three WGF regions, they’re now up on the official blog, here.

The suit is a 100% donation item (all proceeds to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation) by LnL at World Goth Fair, and for all that it’s good ol’ clothing layer and sculpts (which some people seem to be just chucking out of their inventory now that mesh is so prevalent. Whyyyyyy?! There’s still so much good non-mesh stuff to be found out there!), it’s rather bloody awesome. Both male and female coat skirts are included.

I’ve teamed it up with some of my all-time favourite heeled boots: the dirt-cheap Absinth  ones by Skifija. Seriously, boys, if you want just one pair of heeled ankle boots that are skinny enough to work under most pants, and you don’t want to shell out too much, get these. They’re just L$25 on Marketplace.

For hair I’ve gone with a new(ish) style by Exile. I love Kavar’s new HUD, which allows for streaking as well as all-over tinting, and I’ve given this one a touch of purple.

The earrings are by Eclectica at World Goth Fair: from the Perenelle  set in purple, and the ring (just visible in the full-length shot, above) is the Cesare Signet Ring  in amaranthine, by Chaos Panic & Disorder, also at World Goth Fair.

I’ve gone with an old favourite group gift skin from Tableau Vivant (sorry, no longer available) and some classic eyeliner by 22769 (something of a standby item for me, but be aware that this is just smudged guyliner; the detail you can see under Skell’s left eye there is part of the skin’s makeup; his right eye shows the eyeliner as-is).

Lastly, eyes are the Soultrap Eyes  in blizzard, by A:S:S.

World Goth Fair landing points:
Cursed ~ Sium ~ Port Seraphine (Fair runs until June 1st)

Your store list for this post from World Goth Fair

Suit: LnL – WGF 2014 Charity Item (100% donation) [ london.junkers ]

Earrings: Eclectica – Perenelle (purple)* [ tiffy.vella ]

Ring: Chaos Panic & Disorder – Cesare Signet Ring (amaranthine)* [ lilah.munster ]

Other Items

Boots: Skifija – Absinth Ankle Boots [ goran.osterham ]

Hair: Exile – Traveler (naturals) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Eyes: A:S:S – Soultrap Eyes (blizzard) [ photos.nikolaidis ]

Makeup: 22769 – Visage Guyliner [ mondra.kira ]

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Zero (halloween) [ aida.ewing ]
– No longer available

Poses: The Muse Poses [ audrey.cresci ]

*Review copy; thank you!


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