Suited and Booted

One thousand suns

At last, a regular event with plentiful stuff for us guys!

Uber is currently taking place, with a theme of ‘the beach’. I moseyed on over (okay, I tried about 30 times to teleport in because the place was packed out) and spent a few quid this afternoon. Bear with me, because it’s hot and I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I may be kinda punchy ;-)

First up, we have a new skin from Swallow. I picked this up in three skintones, and I’m wearing ‘amber’ in these shots. Look out for another post featuring a different tone in the next couple of days.

Hey, the theme is ‘beach’ so I had to go beach bum on ya :p

Also at Uber, a new male hairstyle from Exile, and this is one of those slightly-mussed short styles that I really love. Neat enough, but not too neat. The sweet litle ‘beach bum’ necklace is by The Forge at Uber, and the eyes are the newest release from IKON: Immortal.

The shorts are a recent release from Gizza, as part of the Stanley outfit. Three combinations of shorts and shirt available, but I just had to go with the over-bleached, torn ones. They ride pretty low on the hips and flirt with the level of ‘baggy dropcrotch’ that I shy away from, but they hang in there by the skin of their fingernails, mainly on account of the hip-hugging that shows off the inguinal crease and a shade of buttcrack ;-)

Cuff from Bukka (not sure if it’s still available; I’ve had it for ages) and my other de rigeur bit of beach bum kit is this thong bracelet set from Redgrave. Again, I’ve had this for ages. Yes, I’ll freely admit it: I’m an SL packrat.

The flipflops (or ‘flup-flops’ as they’re rather adorably-named) are also at Uber, and they’re by L.Warwick. Male and female rigged mesh, for Slink feet only.

I shot these pics up in our hacienda home location, which is furnished from all over the place. The surfboards are a freebie from What Next, the Coke machine is from Grianne Beaumont on Marketplace, and the old Coke sign is from a cheapie texture by Thistle, again on Marketplace.

I do love the sun, but mainly when it’s overseas sun, because that means I’m on vacation somewhere. If I’m stuck at home or at work and getting hot and bothered then that’s nowhere near as much fun.

If you want beach-themed decor and furniture that’s beautifully-done, then I can’t recommend any higher than Tiki Tattoo and Headhunter’s Island. Both create amazing tropical items that will fit any beach perfectly.

Ahhh, time to cool down.

A shot of tequila, and a long, lazy lounge on the beach until the sun goes down.


The Uber event can be found here. Be warned: the place is absolutely jammed, but it’s surprisingly lag-free.

Skin: Swallow – Daniel (amber) [ luciayes.magic ]
– Slink hand/foot appliers available
– At the current Uber event

Hair: Exile – Better Days* [ kavar.cleanslate ]
Hairbase: Exile – Hairbase 2 (sable)
– At the current Uber event

Shorts: Gizza – from ‘Stanley’ outfit (sailing)* [ giz.seorn ]

Footwear: L.Warwick – ‘flup-flops’ (noir) [ lindsey.warwick ]
– For Slink feet only
– At the current Uber event

Necklace: The Forge – Beach Bum Necklace [ deccan-arida ]
– At the current Uber event

Cuff: Bukka – Leather Bracelet [ yano.hyun ]

Bracelets: Redgrave – Armlet Plain Leather Cord (dark) [ emilia.redgrave ]

Eyes: IKON – Immortal (storm; mortal version shown) [ ikon.innovia ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Feet: Slink – AvEnhance Male Feet [ siddean.munro ]

Poses: Momomuller [ momomura.zehetbauer ]

*Review copy

Lastly, here: have some of the kind of music I listen to in summer :-)

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