Suited and Booted

Let me entertain you ’til you scream

Push the limit, are you with it?
Baby, don’t be afraid; I’m a hurt ya real good, baby.

Mmm, so I got sent a whip. A truly gorgeous whip that you just want to wrap lovingly around soft skin. And I just happened to have this song playing, and I just happened to dig in my leathers folder. And I just happened to do this.

I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet,
You thought an angel swept you off your feet.
Well I’m about to turn up the heat.

Do ya know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
’cause it’s about to get rough for you.

It’s all right, you’ll be fine.
Baby, I’m in control.
Take the pain, take the pleasure;
I’m the master of both.

The whip is by Souzou Eien, and every part of it can be customised via a texture-change HUD. It is truly a thing of beauty. It’s decorative only, but just having it hanging from your belt will probably have the desired effect on those that you want to notice it ;-)

I’ve searched far and wide (okay, I’ve searched Marketplace) for a good pair of leather chaps. There are innumerable, serviceable clothing layer ones, plus partial-sculpt ones, but this pair from ZED are just, uh… hrrrngh! Yeah, that’s the word. You can buy them with various colours of jeans underneath, but – as you would hope – each pack also comes with a no-jeans layer. Get yourselves a damn good cock, boys; these chaps deserve it. (Tip from me: æros is the best out there. Your partner will not  be disappointed, trust me.)

Biker boots from Lapointe and Bastchild, harness and arm straps from Dark Prophet Designs.

The ear piercings are an old favourite of mine from Silver Wheel. They’re a positively ancient Twisted Hunt gift (I think from the very first Twisted Hunt, actually) and I’m afraid they’re no longer available. Facial piercings by Pekka, makeup from Nuuna, Pin Me Down, and Luccy Sands. Eyes by IKON and hair by Wasabi Pills.

Tattoos by Letis Tattoo. Poses by Sociopath, Del May, and Alchemy Immortalis. (I think only the Del May ones are now available. I have so many positively ancient poses.)

Just take a look at this fucking beautiful whip, my sartorial darlings. Isn’t it perfect?

Back view of the chaps. I went for the black jeans pair, natch.

*sigh* Okay. OKAY!



Pants: ZED – Mesh Black Leather Chaps with Black Jeans [ evk ]

Whip: Souzou Eien – The Lash {Demon’s Tongue}* [ draconias.timeless ]

Boots: Lapointe & Bastchild – Biker Boots (distressed black) [ paul.lapointe ]

Harness/Arm Straps: Dark Prophet Designs – Weapons Harness II (dark) [ dais.abonwood ]

Tattoos: Letis Tattoo – Rigel [ leti.hax ]

– Nuuna – Makeups v4 (4.4) [ nuuna.nitely ]
– Pin Me Down – Bane [ shyntae.demonista ]
– Luccy Sands – Raccoon Series (03) [ luccy.sands ] (Marketplace only)

Piercings: Pekka – Esoteric Unisex Piercing [ kathya.szczepanski ]

Earrings: Silver Wheel – Punishment [ arianrhod.gehlbard ]
(no longer available)

Cuffs: Hoorenbeek – Metal Ring Cuffs 2.0 (black) [ limer.fredriksson ]

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh (night shadow) [ missallsunday.lemon ]

Hairbase: Exile – Hairbase2 (raven) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Eyes: IKON – Ardent (hazel) [ ikon.innovia ]

Skin: Belleza – Ashton (tan) [ tricky.boucher ]
(Christmas 2013 group gift)

– Sociopath [ ]
– Alchemy Immortalis [ immortalis.cyannis ] (no longer available)
– Del May [ del.may ]

* Review copy

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2 thoughts on “Let me entertain you ’til you scream
  1. Good God, Mr. Dagger! The combination of that outfit AND a Lambert song nearly killed me! Yup, your husband is indeed a lucky man ( as I’m sure he well knows ) XD
    Seriously though, Draconias has become one of my favorite creators, and it’s lovely to see his work showcased so beautifully. Mr. Freebie Biker from a few posts ago should take notes.

    1. It’s me who’s the lucky one, in all honesty. Daros isn’t only my partner; he’s also my best friend in SL and RL, and I don’t know where or what I’d be without him. Thank you, though, for the compliment :-)

      I spent some time loitering around the lucky boards in Souzou Eien, and was lucky enough to land some amazing wings. I’ll definitely be heading back to check out other items there.

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