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I’ll be upfront here, my sartorial darlings: this skin was made by my darling boy, Daros. However, I assure you that if my instant reaction on trying it on hadn’t been, “Wow!” I wouldn’t be blogging it, no matter how much I adore that talented bundle of cuteness that I call my bf ;-) You know by now how picky I am about what I feature on this blog, and—personal bias or not—if I don’t love it, it doesn’t make it. And this made it, oh hell yes.

‘This’ is a new skin from Rihu Skins, and it’s called Dane. Skell being Skell, natch he feels very naked without some kind of slap on, so he chucked on some eyeshadow for the torso shots (fear not, I scrubbed it off him for one picture at the end of the post *evil grin*).

I’ll tell you why I went, “Wow!” when I tried this on, and that’s because I can sometimes find it pretty hard to get skins to work on Skell, out of the box. He has some flaws to his face (which I like to keep that way, hence my dislike of mesh heads, but that’s another post for another day) and those flaws can make it difficult for the work of even long-time skin-makers to settle nicely on Skell’s phiz. I’ve noted here before that Tableau Vivant (old favourites of mine) recently made some changes to the mouths of their skins (very possibly so that they worked with the TMP mesh avatar head), and they now look all wrong on Skell. Likewise, Clef de Peau also recently changed their mouths, and—whereas I couldn’t wear their skins before, because the mouths didn’t look right on Skell—the new styles look great on him.

For me, it’s all about the mouth and the eyes. Well, when it comes to the face, that is. The arse is also quite important, but you’ll have to try the demo for that and decide for yourselves :p

I love this skin in general, though. Equally important for me are the eyebrows, which here are light and defined. The six pack, too, strikes the perfect balance. All too often I come across skins that I love, but that really overdo the muscles. This skin doesn’t so much scream “GYM FREAK!” as it says, “Nicely sculpted, TYVM.” Oh, decent nips, too. Always a plus point, that ;-)

There are also four readymade mod/copy shapes available in a single L$499 pack in the store: warrior, tall, medium, and petite (not actually for the ‘petites’ avatar, though; rather it’s a shorter shape for standard avatars) –

And, finally, after some kicking and screaming, I managed to detatch Skell from his limpet-like clinging onto his makeup bag. *ahem* Bare-mutherfuckin’-naked face. Enjoy it while it lasts :p

Thy credits (before Skell baps me over the head with a giant tube of mascara)

Skin: Rihu Skins – Dane (sand)* [ daros.jewell ]

Hair: Exile – One Way or Another (raven)*  [ kavar. cleanslate ]

Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes (glass) [ ikon.innovia ]

Pants: VRSION – Rival 7.0 Male Pants (black) [ badon.rain ]

Bracelets: Mandala –  from Lustful Jewellery Set [ kikunosuke.eel ]

Earrings: Just Magnetised – Genesis Magnet Earrings (star onyx) [ justyna.magne ]

Makeup: Mock – Party All Night/Indifference (desert sand) [ mocksoup.graves ]

Poses: [LAP] (no longer available)

*review copy

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