Suited and Booted

This is the story of his dream

The dark night of his soul was interminable. One wrong turn centuries before had condemned him to wander through inky blackness, lit by only the faintest glow that barely let him see his own hands in front of his face. Irrevocably lost, he lay down each night and lost himself to dreams of the light he’d once known.

After scant hours had passed, he would always awaken with a start, sitting up and staring into the night with her soft halo imprinted on his lids. Sinking back with a soft groan, he would close his eyes again and weep, desperate to return to the blessed sleep where she lit his life.

It started so simply, so quietly. A pale white glow shimmered from above, lighting the world around him. Or, rather, the lack of world. Only in these moments did he realise the nothingness  that surrounded him, and he’d sit quietly, too afraid to move.

After a while, he would attempt to find his feet on the thin air beneath them. Fearful of falling—into what, he didn’t know—he would stand and look about him. Nothing but sky filled all horizons, around, above, and below. Dotted with pale stars, the cold blue was as close to an embrace he’d had in all his years beyond the world.

And there, above him, the source of the light. She hung there, as solitary as he, watching over him. He wondered if she ever felt as lonely as he did. He doubted it. She had the stars for companions, winking and sparkling all around her. Occasional clouds drifted across, caressing her face.

But this night, something new happened. She grew brighter and brighter, showering white light over him. A guide? An invitation? He stared up at her, unspoken questions in his eyes.

“Can I?” he whispered. “Should I?”

Her light shone brighter. Yes.

He reached for her, but she was so far away. His fingers tingled as they strained toward her light, his body stretching as far as he dared, stumbling forward one step, two, three…

And then, she was there. Smaller than he’d imagined, and dazzling bright between his cupped hands. He gazed down at her, hardly daring to touch her.

“But what of the world?” he murmured, hesitating to take what others might need.

I am always there, even when I cannot be seen. Hidden below the world, I give light when the darkness comes. And you have been in darkness so very very long.

He smiled, and closed his hands around her, no longer fearing the moment when he would wake.


Dark Style Fair info (ends May 31st)
World Goth Fair info (ends June 1st)

Outfit: Dark Water Designs – Midnight Rambler (charcoal)* [ shadowed.luik ]
– at World Goth Fair

Necklace: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! – Noir Lily Necklace* [ lilah.munster ]
– at World Goth Fair

Piercing: Livid – Bat Piercing Set* [ giselle.aristocarnas ]
– at World Goth Fair

Makeup: Livid – Vamp Contouring Dark Shadow & Eye Circles* [ giselle.aristocarnas ]
– at World Goth Fair

Nail appliers: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails (Midnight Metals : Pagan) [ bcreative.wilde ]

Hair: Damselfly – Xander (tuxedo) [ tommy.fairplay ]
– at Dark Style Fair

Hairbase: Miamai – Hairbase Style B (winter) [ monica.outlander ]

Rings: Deadpool – 3 Sins Male Relax Rings [ deadpoolxx ]
– at Dark Style Fair

Skin: The Plastik – Immortalia (Thana) [ aikea.rieko ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands V2 (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes (storm) [ ikon.innovia ]

Poses: Black Tulip – Lost in the Woods* [ auryn.beorn ]
– at World Goth Fair

*review copy

Not even vaguely relevant to the theme of either fairs or the post, but it’s what I was listening to while I put this look and post together. It’s kinda gorgeous, kinda creepy, and kinda weird, and it inspired the post’s title. It’s also a companion piece to one of my two favourite Duran Duran songs of all time: The Chauffeur.

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