Suited and Booted

I brought this house down on myself

I don’t remember anymore what I used to be.
Where is the quiet piece of home where I could breathe?
Just like a razor to my soul when I’m alone.
Oh, I had this thing to call my own.

World Goth Fair is upon us once more, my sartorial darlings. I’m about a week late with this post (mea culpa!) but life has been a bit nuts recently. I’m here now, though, with a suitably dark-n-gothic androgyne look from the Fair for ya.

First up, this gorgeous makeup from The Stringer Mausoleum. You know me and my weakness for heavy slap by now. This comes in two options: plain and this silvered style. If you expected me to forgo the chance to wear a bit of glitter, then well… maybe you don’t  know me and my weakness for heavy slap by now ;-)

Speaking of glitter, I’ve just got to mention this hair by Moon. I picked it up earlier this month at Uber (so it may not be there for much longer) but imagine my glee when I clicked through the HUD and found the glittery options. Sparkly hair? Oh hell yes!

The coat is a male outfit from The Dark Fae at World Goth Fair. It’s always great to see some blokey stuff at events like this. I know the average guy doesn’t shop anywhere near as much as the average woman (or as much as I do!), so the dresses-n-Slink-heels area is where the money lies, but I’m always grateful when creators add unisex or male stuff to their fair booths.

Under the coat? An item from an ostensibly-female outfit. Well, this is  Skell, after all, and he is  Appropriator of All Things Feminine That He Can Get to Work on Him. Or, uh, something like that. Anyway, it’s a spiderweb bodysuit by SongBird, and it worked perfectly for this outfit.

The fabulous snake jewellery (yeah, I’m a sucker for skulls, blades, and snakes) is from House of Rain at WGF. It’s manually adjustable (and therefore unisex) and with a HUD to change the colour of both the snake’s skin and its eyes and fangs. Each one is also a single mesh item, so the resizing is as simple as anything.

A similar pic, but angled to better show the nails and ring. The nails are by Beautiful Freak Cosmetics, and the ring is from Bliensen & MaiTai. As with the snake jewellery, the ring is simple to resize, so guys can wear it, too.

Skin by KOOQLA (at the current Mens Dept, but that’ll be changing over soon, so head to the KOOQLA mainstore instead to pick it up) and eyes by IKON.

Just visible in this shot are the ripped jeans from Sn@tch. A recent clothing layer release, I love these, and this time I’m not covering the skully belt with a different belt :p

And I know you can’t see the boots (hey, I was going for “dark and shadowy” after all) but they’re by Razor, and available with a massive customisation HUD.


Coat: The Dark Fae – The Last Line (black)* [ corvi.ashdene ]
– at World Goth Fair

Bracelets & Necklace: House of Rain – Save Your Serpent* [ houseofrain ]
– at World Goth Fair

Top: SongBird – Spiderweb Body Suit* [ nimil.blackflag ]
– at World Goth Fair

Makeup: The Stringer Mausoleum – Dark Royal Eyeshadow (court silver)* [ helena.stringer ]
– at World Goth Fair

Ring: Bliensen + MaiTai – Maleficium Ring (red)* [ plurabelle.laszlo ]
– at World Goth Fair

Nail appliers: Beautiful Freak Cosmetics – Haunted Forest Nails* [ beautifulfreakcosmetics ]
– at World Goth Fair

Hair: Moon – Guy Tang (B+W pack) [ silent.acoustic ]

Skin: KOOQLA – Malus (ash) [ rocketta.haven ]

Eyes: IKON – Charm Eyes (storm)* [ ikon.innovia ]

Pants: Sn@tch – Debbie Ripper Rocker Pants [ ivey.deschanel ]

Boots: Razor – Enforcer Boots [ kehl.razor ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands V2 (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Poses: (pda)
– no longer available

*review copy

And this song, while not in the least bit goth, is absolutely my jam  right now. From Royksopp’s final album, and with a vocal from Jamie Irrepressible that reminds me in places of Antony Hegarty, it’s stunningly beautiful.

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    1. Thank you! *g* Well, with so much mesh around that I can’t wear (’cause of the inbuilt boobage and suchlike) I end up cannibalising every outfit I can for clothing layer items that I can use. That bodysuit was absolutely perfect for wearing under the strapped coat ;-)

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