Suited and Booted

I’m your chauffeur with high gloss highs

Apricot sunrise came,
L.A. nights just roll in.

Blond and wearing leopardskin? I’m a walking cliché today, my sartorial darlings ;-)

You know those happy coincidences where a series of random new releases all add up to something interesting? Yup, that’s today’s outfit. Limited-time cheapie shades from Swallow, paired with new windblown long hair from Exile, plus upcoming stomper boots by Sn@tch and I guess we have some glammed-out diva bitch who ain’t takin’ none  of the paparazzi’s shit.

We’re going to start off with this hair.

No, wait. I need to capitalise that. THIS HAIR! Yeah, I know. It’s for the girls.

*hard stare*

Riiight. Like that’s ever stopped me and my freaky compatriots who dance a fabulous conga along the gender line? Windsong is at this month’s Collabor88 collection, and you have no idea  how tempted I was to go with the special theme of the collection, because this hair comes in glittery rainbow shades  as well as the normo’s.

*bites lip*

Yeah, I think you might be treated to that on Flickr at some point, if I can tame a unicorn to ride at the same time…

The other item that threw this into Bitchy Diva Mode was these limited-time offer leopard shades from Swallow. They’re out as a group gift for just L$10 (together with a bag/purse) until January 31st. Ladies will also find a L$99 skin at the store right now. Plus, if you’re in the Swallow group (cheap to join) there’s a metric fuckton of other gorgeous gifts there right now, from jewellery to skins (for both women and men).

Y’know, sometimes it pays off to flutter your eyelashes when you see something as fucking fabulous  as these boots from Sn@tch… only to find they’re rigged and in girly sizes. Yeah, I was halfway through a teleport to the store when I realised they wouldn’t fit me. To say that ‘bollocks!’ was the word of the day would be an understatement. So I did what any self-respecting whiny little diva bitch fashionisto would do: I dropped Ivey Deschanel a line and asked if there was any chance there might be male options, too. A couple of nights later these dropped in my lap, and I may have just snoopy-danced around my skybox in them. Ivey, me darlin’, you’re a doll <3

They have a massive pattern and colour HUD for customisation and whacking great shit-kickin’ platform soles. The female versions went out in the store last week, but guys? Expect to see these on the new release wall tomorrow (Wed 14th).

Now getcher camera outta my fuckin’ face! I got shopping to do!


Hair: Exile – Windsong* [ kavar.cleanslate ]
– for the January Collabor88 collection

Glasses: Swallow – Shades Metropolis (leopard/brown) [ luciayes.magic ]
L$10 with a matching bag until Jan 31st (group promo)

Boots: Sn@tch – Bam-Bam Stomper Boots* [ ivey.deschanel ]
available January 14th

Bracers: Apple May Designs – Simple Bracers (brown) [ apple.may ]
– for the January Mens Dept collection

Shirt: Grasp – Patch Shirt (leopard) [ asalt.eames ]

Pants: Sn@tch – Do a Trick Leather Pants (black) [ ivey.deschanel ]

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Royal Kadijah Estate [ maxi.gossamer ]

Nail Appliers: Sn@tch – Matte Tips (dark) [ ivey.deschanel ]

Skin: Birth – Vince Blonde (straw) [ silent.alchemi ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Poses: R.icielli [ fleur.nicoletti ]

*review copy

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