Suited and Booted

Until the sun cries morning

We are not lovers.
We are not romantics.
We are here to serve you.

Just a quickie for you today. A Tattered Page  has just opened, with the current book theme being Ray Bradbury’s incredible and disturbing The Martian Chronicles. This is an event organised by Cursed Events, but it’s a little different from their usual offerings, such as World Goth Fair and Futurewave. A Tattered Page  is an around-the-grid event, rather than focused in one dedicated region. You can read more about which stores are participating here, on the official blog.

I haven’t officially registered for this round, as life kind of happened lately and kept me from blogging. However this stunning skin landed on me this evening, courtesy of Fallen Gods, and as soon as I unpacked it I knew I had to do something  with it, whether I kept with the theme or not. It’s been a long time since I read Bradbury, so – not trusting my memory – I kinda winged it and went completely off-page with this, as I am wont to do on occasion ;-)

There isn’t much else to say except “Goddammit, look at this skin, willya?”. Dark and gold-dusted, the full item comes with skin, a modifiable shape, eyes (I’m using different ones here), and appliers for Slink hands, feet, and nails, the Midnight Lotus platinum cock, and the L’Uomo mesh avatar. Ladies, there’s a Mrs.K avatar at the store, as well.

I’m wearing cargo pants by WAZ from the current Mens Dept collection. These come with full-length and hitched-up versions (the latter, worn here, work well with combat-style boots). Don’t assume you’re missing a pair when you only see one set of pants in your purchase folder; slap on the HUD and you’ll see the option for the shorter ones there.

Boots by Deadwool, from an old Uber event (hopefully at the Deadwool store by now, because they’re fucking amazing), cuffs by Apple May Designs – also at the current Mens Dept collection – and eyes from Rue… and yes, your eyes do not deceive you: Skell is wearing BRIGHT YELLOW HAIR by Exile.

I think I need to go and lie down…


Skin: Fallen Gods – Mr.K* [ alia.baroque ]
– for A Tattered Page

Pants: WAZ – Ballistic Cargos (black) [ waterfall.farshore ]
– for the January Mens Dept collection

Gilet: Tableau Vivant – Long Gilet (black) [ m4r1lyn.magic ]

Boots: Deadwool – Patmos Boots (black) [ masa.plympton ]

Hair: Exile – Day the World Went Away* [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Bracers: Apple May Designs – Simple Bracers [ apple.may ]
– for the January Mens Dept collection

Eyes: Rue – Cassiopeia -(ancient) [ ruina.kessel ]

Del May [ del.may ]

NanTra* [ nancoix.urquan ]

*review copy

Nothing like a bit of Numan on a Wednesday night, eh?

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