Suited and Booted

Orpheus sleeps on his back

Standing firm on this stony ground.
The wind blows hard, pulls these clothes around.

I harbour all the same worries as most;
the temptations to leave or to give up the ghost.

I wrestle with an outlook on life that shifts between darkness and shadowy light.
I struggle with words, for fear that they’ll hear,
but Orpheus sleeps on his back, still dead to the world.

And you thought that it was all-black, all the time. Nope, not quite. Not when I find a coat as good as this one.

And then I pair it with new materials-enabled jewellery from Maxi Gossamer at FaMESHed. Oh, and both jacket and jewellery are colour-change, with tons of options for a great price? Yeah, that makes Skell a happy boy :-)

The creasing is painted on (and nicely done). Yes, the fact that the seams are painted does become a bit more obvious in the white version than in the others, and those of you who – like me – have broad shoulders might find the topmost buttons stretching just a tad, but this is a bloody nice jacket that fits perfectly over several pairs of mesh pants that I tried it with (always a plus point!) and plays nicely with the Slink hands (Make sure you wear the small hand size).

The jewellery. Ahh, how I’m beginning to absolutely fucking love  Maxi Gossamer’s mesh work. This necklace and ring (sold separately at FaMESHed) are materials-enabled, and fully-modifiable. Both of them contain long/short (necklace) and large/small (ring) versions in both gold and silver, and you can change the large gem and the surrounding tiny gems to different colours (12 for the large one, seven for the small ones). And the faceting is gorgeous, although – of course – you’ll need to have Advanced Lighting enabled in your graphics menu in order to see that properly.

The boots are from a great multi-colour pack of steampunk-style footwear by Eudora.

Skell’s wearing a new(ish) hairstyle from Exile, plus IKON’s latest range of mesh eyes (this one’s a group gift – still out in the store – but the rest are only at FaMESHed right now), and – just to show the choice you get with this single jacket purchase – here are the other colours available, with co-ordinating jewellery.

Each colour option comes with three centre panel options: plain, striped, and chequered.

Ahh, normal service resumes ;-)


Jacket: Coepio – Mr. Style [ josephine.darkfold ]

Pants: Immerschoen Man – Mesh Leather Pants ‘Slim’ [ gismo.rhode ]

Boots: Eudora – Steampunk Smoking Boots (black) [ eudora3d ]

Necklace & Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Royal Khadijah Estate [ maxi.gossamer ]
(sold separately)
Currently on sale at FaMESHed

Hair: Exile – Vindicated (Raven) [ kavar.cleanslate ]
(available in either the blacks or naturals colour HUD packs)

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes (fjord) [ ikon.innovia ]
(group gift)
Other colours currently only at FaMESHed

Makeup: Clef de Peau – Joshua Kohl #4 [ marcopol.oh ]
(from Joshua Party Kit)

Skin: Belleza – Jacob Tan [ tricky.boucher ]
(2013 Christmas group gift)


Diesel Works [ rogan.diesel ]

Grafica [ alyx.aerallo ]

momomuller [ momomura.zehetbauer ]

Sleepers sleep as we row the boat.
Just you, the weather, and I gave up hope.

But all of the hurdles that fell in our lap
were fuel for the fire and straw for our backs,

Still the voices have stories to tell of the power struggles in Heaven and Hell
But we feel secure against such mighty dreams
as Orpheus sings of the promise tomorrow may bring.

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