Suited and Booted

Just you and me and a Marxist gun

Just you and me and a Marxist gun,
Heaven knows you’ve got a lot to learn.
Fall in love or take your time,
Don’t you know you’ve gotta take your turn.
Son, your ambition’s way too high,
Once you’re gone misquoted apathy.
Your pacifier broken heart’s so much better than your reverie.

Don’t mind me. I am just freaking.the.fuck.out at the latest offering from Remarkable Oblivion, at the new Men’s Dept collection that opened today. Holy fucking crap, axsisthorn just gets better and better, and he’s excelled himself with this in-fucking-credible badge-plastered military cap. And yes, yes, I know it’s more Communist than Marxist in style. Humour me, because I happened to be listening to that song as I was doing the photoshoot :p

The cap comes in several colour options (shown here is black, but I also got the grey version. You’ll find yet more at the Mens Dept, and judging by the crowds around it, it’s one hell of a popular item, and rightly so). You also get the nose chain piercing with the cap.

Skell’s eyes are also from the new Men’s Dept collection: from Dead Apples. I only bought one colour, but I may be going back for the fatpack. So good to see mesh eyes that resize well, because I struggle to get most of them to work on Skell. He needs a shadowed sclera (the white of the eye) and too many mesh eyes have a very white sclera, but not these ones. I see a lot of female avatars wearing them, and they look amazing on narrower eyes, but Skell’s are quite wide open.

They also work beautifully with the upward glances I tend to give him in photos ;-)

Skell’s wearing Wasabi Pills hair, heavily-edited to fit the hat (a tip for this: make good use of the stretch editing option; you’ll find you can stretch down bits that are poking out at the top and front without affecting the bits around your face that you really want to keep in place as much as possible). His jacket is one that I’ve blogged before, by Kauna.

Lastly, I had to splurge on the skin. It’s one of three (yes, I bought all three!) by Essences at The Men’s Dept. There’s only one makeup on each skin, so make sure you try the demos. This one is the first skin, with the heaviest eyeshadow.


Cap: Remarkable Oblivion – Paragon Cap (forever black) [ axsisthorn ]

Eyes: Dead Apples – Broken Glass Eyes (hazel) [ soleil.reid ]

Skin: Essences – Lamb Skin (01) [ inka.mexicola ]

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Zack (night shadow) [ missallsunday.lemon ]

Jacket: Kauna – Tunic (black) [ ross.myhre ]

Poses: Grafica [ alyx.aerallo ]

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