Me, Myself, and I

This week’s Monday Meme is a short and simple one, for which I’m profoundly grateful because life is a busy-busy thing at the moment (hence the dip in blogging over here).

Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the following statements in your post and complete them writing down the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t forget to link your post in the comments.

Since I don’t have time to log in, and I wanted a picture that I’ve not blogged or Flickr’d before, I went to my Firestorm AppData folder, dug around, and pulled out my screen_last; the last image of Skell before I logged off. It’s in .bmp format and it’s also much smaller than my usual screenshots (which I take at 5000 px) so it’s a little blurrier than usual, but hey. It’s me, as I last appeared inworld, and Me, Myself,* and I is the theme-o-the-meme, so to speak.

*Sorry, Berry. I’m a stickler for the Oxford (serial) comma! I didn’t put it on the header image purely because it offset the text too much :p

So, here’s moi, looking a bit out-of-focus and whatnot. Let’s call it Art, shall we? ;-)

And on to my answers:

I am… enjoying the gorgeous spring weather right now. All the windows in the house are flung wide open and the washing line is a-flap with laundry. This is my favourite season; full of hope and green things :-)

I want… a bit more motivation to do the stuff I know I should be doing. I have developed a terrible procrastination habit in recent years.

I have… a cup of tea. Always!

I wish… I could win the Lotto so I could make life easier (financially) for those that I love.

I hate… being in pain.

I fear… very little these days. I’ve changed my mindset about fear a great deal recently. See the video at the end of this reply. Even the fear of losing loved ones has gone, because… well it’s inevitable that I’ll lose them eventually, and I’ve already lost a lot of them. I’ve come to terms with that. When it’s time, it’s time, and—no matter how much it hurts to lose them—I think I’m in a place now where I can let them go peacefully. I don’t even fear death, because it’s simply going to sleep… and not waking up. Once you’re asleep you’re not aware  that you’re unconscious. Long, painful, terminal illness? Well that’s something that may or may not happen, so why be fearful of it now? If it happened, it would already be happening, and I would find a way to cope with it.

I search… for happiness. Don’t we all?

I wonder… what is  happiness? How do we define it? Most of the time we’re content and comfortable, but is that happiness? To me, happiness is in those “oh my GOD!” moments when we’re grinning from ear-to-ear and have to force ourselves not to jump up and down like a three-year-old. Watch this scene from The Pursuit of Happyness for a perfect example of that, and some truly wonderful acting from Will Smith:

I regret… nothing. Even the bad things that happened gave me an opportunity to learn from them. The abusive or nasty people that came into my life did so to teach me something, just like everyone else has. It’s up to me to find out what that lesson was.

I never… log out of Second Life without kissing Daros goodnight (assuming he’s online).

I always… have Chinese Whiteflower Oil (Pak Fah Yeow) in the house. Fabulous stuff for when you have a headache or you oversleep and wake up with a fuzzy head. Why so effective? Well, just look at the ingredients list and tell me these wouldn’t knock a headache out of the park: wintergreen oil, menthol oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, camphor. I discovered the stuff when I was a teenager, and I’ve never been without it since. Every home I’ve lived in, every job I’ve worked at; there’s a bottle of this stuff either in the house or in my desk drawer or locker. It lasts for ages, too.

I usually… write something every day. Blog, diary, fiction; it doesn’t matter what. There are words in my head and they need to get out!

I dance… less than I used to, because my knees are in bad shape thanks to some injuries when I was younger. But I mainly dance whenever I’m feeling down. To cheer myself up (well, actually, to make myself giggle like an idiot!) I’ll watch this 1974 Top of the Pops  performance of Mud’s Tiger Feet  and do the silly dance. By the end of it, I’m breathless, rosy-cheeked, and laughing like hell.

I sing… every chance I get. I have a pretty decent voice and I love singing. I don’t do it professionally; just around the house.

I often… play The Sims 3. I have all the expansion and stuff packs, and about 10GB of custom content. It’s cheaper (free, actually!) to build and furnish a house in TS3 than it is in SL, so I often get my interior decorating fix there. You’d be amazed what TS3 looks like when you use a lot of custom content. There’s actually a pretty close correlation with the “SL avatars look like crap” misconception back before the more recent default avatar changes, and the “Sims look like crap” misconception of TS3 Sims. Just as SL residents try to show that, actually, SL looks amazing, so there are many ‘Simmers’ out there who show that TS3 can look amazing, too. Here’s an example of a TS3 male sim featuring a lot of custom content, created by Momoichiru:

Sims 3 Sim by momoichiru.

Surprised? Yep!

I sometimes… look at the clock, and then don’t know what time it is. Then, I look at it again. And I still  don’t know what time it is. Yeah, you do it too; admit it! Watch this; you’ll identify completely  with practically all of these. WARNING: It’s George Carlin, so it’s NSFW ;-)

I cry… whenever I need to. It’s cathartic, so why not?

I need… some more groceries in the house. Time to go shopping. XD

I should… go and get the laundry off the line in a minute, so I will.

I love… Daros :-)

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2 thoughts on “Me, Myself, and I
  1. You know I have tried to force myself to use the Oxford comma but I was so used to not using it, it always looked off to me when I did. It’s funny how things we are taught at an early age will always stick with us. Also, I am jealous of your last screenshot. My last screenshots always seem to have body parts missing.

    1. Heh! When I was at school the Oxford comma was routinely taught, so I grew up with it. I think these days in the UK it’s not strictly enforced. But then, thanks to interference from successive governments, the standards of education in general have gone waaaay downhill. Not through the fault of the teachers, but rather through the ridiculous achievement guidelines they must adhere to. The Education Minister changes his mind about things every single year, even to the point of removing classic books such as Of Mice and Men from the curriculum… purely because he didn’t like them.

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