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The devil takes care of his own

Cruel or kind it’s on your mind, go on and give the dice a roll.
Never did believe in saying fortunes are foretold.
Easy come and easy they will go.

Ouf, the poor little blog’s feeling about as slow as me lately. Blighty is back to what it does best: rainy and windy and cold. Now I actually love that kind of weather, as long as I’m indoors. When I have a half-hour walk to work through it, at the crack of sparrowfart? Not so much fun.

So what do I do to cheer my soggy-arsed self up? I dress up my pixel dolly ;-)

Today we have a plethora of mixy-matchy goodness, from The Mens Dept, and Mystic Realms Fair 2014, as well as some goodies that I picked up from a new-to-me store that I only discovered when I happened to check out a L$50 Friday notecard a few weeks ago. Pure chance discoveries like that can’t be beat. I snapped up half the store and sent an IM to the creator, just so I could tell her how glad I was to have checked out that notecard, because her stuff is awesome. (And no, I wasn’t after a blogging opportunity. As a creator myself I know that an IM like that can really brighten your day, so – when I find a place I really love – I try to contact the creator to let them know.)

Yep, I got horny (uh-hur-hur-hur!) but first up, the clothinnnnng. Because goddammit, every blogger and his mum (and cat and hamster and… yeah, I think my brain got waterlogged today; sorry!) has blogged this gorgeous shawl collar coat from COCO at The Mens Dept. There are  pants to be had with it (also at Mens Dept) but you know me by now…

The coat comes complete with that hand-in-pocket on the left side, which means you get an alpha layer that removes both  of your arms and hands. You’ll get a black leather glove for your right hand, should you want one (I will say here, though: some guys will find this glove is pretty dainty and more suited to a smaller woman’s hand than a guy’s big paw) or you can wear just the right one of your mesh hands, as I did here with my trusty Slink mitts.

Instead of opting for the COCO pants, I chose these stunning Rebel Pants from R3volt, also at Mens Dept. They come in two fabric versions, of which I’m showing the shinier V3 here. You will  have to fiddle with sizes if you want to wear these with the COCO jacket. I think in the end I went with the medium pants and the large jacket, purely because the medium pants poked through the tucked lower half of the medium jacket and the small pants had a huge gap between them and that same tucked lower half. It was worth the fudging around with sizes, though.

Note: If you don’t wear the COCO pants that are intended to be worn with this outfit, you may  experience a gap between the cuff of the in-pocket hand and the side of the pants. I try to be honest about stuff like this on the blog, and yes I did shoot these pics from a specific angle. The gap is  only small, and easily-overlooked (and no, you can’t wear anything else on your left hand to cover it, because it’ll be swinging along where your arm would normally be, so – unless you attached it to your left hip – whatever you used (glove etc) would be floating in space). Here’s a shot from the other side, just to show you the gap that I experienced:

Mooooooving on, we come to the hair, which is by Exile for Mystic Realms Fair 2013. I am such  a sucker for a decent long style, and there are very few designers who can not only pull that off, but can do so that it suits all  male avatars, not just ones with their very specific shape or facial features. This style – called Legend – is a treat.

I’m horny, horny horny horny. So horny, I’m– Okay, old Basement Jaxx songs aside, it’s been ages since Skell has sprouted horns, but since he had red hair and all, and since I was listening to Band of Skulls as I was putting this look together, I simply had  to include these gorgeous devilish little Oriax Horns  by ~*Souzou Eien*~ for Mystic Realms Fair 2014. I’m wearing the plain, dark versions here, but each set also comes with an adorned pair that has slender chains and dangling cabochon and crystal drops. I tend to prefer smaller horns like these over the larger styles, as they work far better for Skell. (That’s not to say he hasn’t worn huge, ramlike horns before, because he has; those just demand a far more specific look, I think.)

And now I have to pimp out this lovely little store that I discovered through L$50 Friday. Pixel Box is a treasure trove of unusual jewellery, masks, costumes, and just loads of weird and fantastical items. If you’re into gothic or steampunk, or if you simply enjoy eclectic accessories, trundle over there and check out the store. From there, Skell is wearing this creepy Cyber Eye Patch  (with yes, an embedded glass eye) and the colour-change Electric Angel Steampunk Necklace  {which, seriously, is worth buying just for the name alone!).

The skin is my trusty Manu  in Ivory, by Swallow. Eyes (well, uh, the visible one, anyway) are IKON’s latest (and gorgeous) new Hope  range.

That’s my skislope of a nose blocking your view of the chain there, mmkay?

Finally, footwear. You might struggle a smidge to find something suitable to wear with these pants, as they have very skinny ankles. Me? Well, I knew I wanted heels, and you’ll find that flat shoes work equally well, too. Boots… you might be more hard-pressed to find a pair that work. (My inventory is 150k+ and I gave up on trying to find boots after about half an hour, sooooo…)

In the end I plumped for ladies heels: the Steampunk Boots  by Eudora. They have a multi-way resizing menu, so you can get them big enough to look roughly the right size for blokey feet, but still have them fit under skinny pants. Again, it’ll take a teeny bit of fiddling, but – again – it’s worth it.


Your Locations!

Mystic Realms Fair 2014 (ends October 26th) – tons more info and a gallery over here on the Seraphim blog

The Mens Dept (October collection)

Your Credits List!

Coat and shirt: COCO Homme – Shawl Collar Coat (black) [ cocoro.lemon ]
– for the October Mens Dept collection

Pants: R3volt – Rebel Pants (V3) [ r3volt ]
– for the October Mens Dept collection

Hair: Exile – Legend* [ kavar.cleanslate ]
– for Mystic Realms Fair 2014

Horns: Souzou Eien – Oriax Horns (dark)* [ draconias.timeless ]
– for Mystic Realms Fair 2014

Eye Patch: Pixel Box – Cyber Eye Patch [ marian.kungler ]

Necklace: Pixel Box – Electric Angel Steampunk Necklace [ marian.kungler ]

Boots: Eudora – Steampunk Boots (BBG) [ eudora3d ]

Eyes: IKON – Hope (storm) [ ikon.innovia ]

Skin: Swallow – Manu (ivory) [ luciayes.magic ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Poses: R.icielli [ fleur.nicoletti ]

*review copy

Your Music!

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