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The lights in my Second Life

The second part of this week’s Monday Meme asks us to do the following: Blog about one of your closest friends in Second Life.

Second Life (along with other portions of the interwebs that I’ve inhabited over the years) reminds me of one of those plastered-all-over-the-net inspirational quotes. You know, the kind that go like this:

Sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than the people who are right beside you.

I’m not going to blog about one of my closest friends in Second Life; I’m going to blog about the three people who are the only ones I’ve called ‘friend’ in SL.

Only three? Yep. I don’t collect friends. I do have many acquaintances inworld, but very few people who are close enough to me that I would call them friends.  And I’m going to start with the most important one of all…

My beautiful Daros.

As I was walking home from work today and pondering over this post, I wasn’t sure if I could find the right words to express how much Daros means to me. I could stretch my arms out as wide as I could, standing on tiptoe like a child and yelling, “THIS MUCH!”… but that wouldn’t be enough. I could hire a plane to drag a big banner emblazoned with ‘THIS MUCH!’ from one end of the horizon to the other, but that wouldn’t be enough either.

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful big innocent eyes, the love of all things cake, and the endearingly childlike attitude; my guy is smart as a whip, unbelievably creative and talented, and a neverending inspiration to me. He’s been there for me through no end of RL crap, and in turn I’ve tried to be all I can for him during his own episodes of RL crap. One of my fondest dreams is to cross the ocean that divides us and just hug the stuffin’ out of him. One day I will :-)

My profile pick for him says the following:

My dearest and most treasured friend, both in SL and RL. We’ve been just about everything we could be for each other: best friends, brothers, lovers, business partners, and spouses. But no matter what we are to each other in any given time and place, the thing that I value the most is your unwavering friendship and love. You’ve always got my back, and you know I’ve always got yours. Love you to bits ♥

I wrote that several years ago, and it still holds true. No edits required.

Actually, yes. One more edit. This:

Love you, gorgeous. You’re my life <3

And next up? This big dude:

Rannon, fellow Bastard (Gentleman Bastard, that is; our group of builders), and a big, ol’ hunk-o-pervy-lurv. (He is SO going to bend my ear for that – heh!) I’ve known Rannon for years, too and he’s the most solid, steady, and dependable influence anyone could have. If you ever met him, you might think he’s a bit gruff; the strong and silent type. He kind of is, but he’s one of life’s anchors: the steadying presence that makes itself felt even if the person isn’t around. Hey, big guy, so damn glad you’re a part of my life.

And lastly – yikes, it’s a girl! XD

I rarely meet Æble in the pixel, because most of our chatter has taken place in IMs. We used to hang out more when Daros and I frequented the old Forum Cartel place in Allana, but over the years we morphed into a comfortable long-distance IM ‘correspondence’. She doesn’t log in as much as she once did, and I miss yacking with her about fashion, giggling over completely stupid shit, bitchin’ about the peculiarities of some designers/bloggers/et al, and – most of all – I miss the conversations we had about awareness. It was Æble who introduced me to meditation and sent me the occasional notecard with some Buddhist quote that made perfect sense for me at that moment. She has the most amazingly Zen attitude to life and I wish she’d get back to her fashion blogging, because dammit, she’s so good at it!

Them’s my friends, folks. A very small and special bunch of people that I’m blessed to have had cross my path.

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