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An afternoon in Paradise

I’ll put a spell on you; you’ll fall asleep.
I’ll put a spell on you,
and when I wake you I’ll be the first thing you see,
and you’ll realise that you love me.

I’ll let you into a secret. You don’t need to spend thousands of real life [insert your currency here] to have a holiday. You just need to spend L$15,000. (Or, if you were savvy and timely, you could’ve spent half that.)

This is Bali, the latest prefab by reBourne. For one day only (the day it was released) it was half price, both inworld and on Marketplace, as are all reBourne new releases. And oh god, what a glorious bargain that was. Who needs a holiday in RL when you’ve got this beauty rezzed in SL?

I’ve got the skybox version rezzed, because I love the scenery options, but it also comes with a ground version (no surround) and – even if you rez the skybox version with surround, you can switch it off. My favourite surround is Far, with its high tumbling waterfall and distant sunset. That’s the one I’m showing in these images. (Most of the house images are taken under Nam’s Optimal Skin & Prim Windlight preset, but the pics of me and Daros are taken under Nam’s Robots of Dawn preset – hence the golden glow.)

This place is paradise in a box. A beautiful, airy mesh house with open dining and bathing areas. It includes a pool with multiple swimming and inner tube animations, a hammock, loungers, couches… the list goes on.

This is the furnished house, but I’ve added a few touches from the new Genre event. In the image below, the two grinder wheels and the bowl of balls are from Shai at Genre.

There are built-in poses everywhere in this building. You won’t even be able to have a shower without your partner molesting you (as I can happily attest, and no, you’re not seeing the pictures of that!).

Lotus stone basin in the above image from Fuubutsu-Dou at Genre.

The bed (No Copy, so make sure you don’t lose it!) comes with a full set of animations (some gorgeous intimate cuddles as well as adult animations). Chinese armoire from Shai at Genre. Side tables by Mirage at Genre.

I added this lovely meditation set, from Roawenwood at Genre, to the other main room. Multiple meditation poses in the cushion, and a working (loud!) gong; this gives me a place to sit and contemplate, as I try to meditate twice a day (once on waking and once later in the day, before bed).

Another view of the bed.

The open-air bathing and spa area.

Ahhhh :-)

Even more ‘ahhhhh’ ;-)

Down a bit… right a bit… THERE! OMGyeeeeeahhhh *blissful whine*

reBourne inworld

Bali on Marketplace

Genre event: Eastern Asia theme

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