Suited and Booted

A bottle of whisky and a new set of lies

And what have you got at the end of the day?
What have you got to take away?
A bottle of whisky and a new set of lies,
Blinds on the window, and a pain behind the eyes.

A long time ago I won an honorable mention in a contest by Casa del Shai (for a Sally Bowles Cabaret-style image which, yes, is on Flickr, and thank god there are better heels that fit male avatars out there now!) which had as its prize a L$500 gift voucher for the store. I bought the Slick Rick Trenchcoat  with that voucher, and I put together this look around it:

Credits here.

That was June 2009. I’ve got iTunes on shuffle tonight, and it kicked over onto Dire Straits Private Investigations, which was the lyrical inspiration for that Gumshoe character, and I thought, “Y’know? I should try updating this guy.”

So I did.

The coat is by DECO, and the shirt is an oh-so-bloody-versatile plain white one from SF Design. Trilby hat by JfL and shades by Krieger.

The cigarette is one of the best ones out there, by Hermony.

Pants (almost invisible, I know, but this called for a dark-n-seedy shoot) are from Just Because, and the footwear is a tinted-darker pair of boots from Redgrave. Hair from Exile (no longer available) and skin by Belleza.

Room setup is an unbelievably-good freebie by ALH. Coffee, cigarettes, and ashtray in the first shot are included in the Hermony cigarette pack. Papers on the desk are made by me, from an old freebie texture I picked up years ago.


Coat: DECO – Mesh Peacemaker Duster (gravel) [ gutterblood.spoonhammer ]

Pants: Just Because – MG Leisure Slacks (black) [ annie.melson ]

Shoes: Redgrave – Biker Boots (night; tinted darker) [ emilia.redgrave ]

Hat: JfL – Trilby Fedora Felt (black/grey band) [ johnfrancis.laville ]

Hair: Exile – Dane (mink) [ kavar.cleanslate ] – no longer available

Glasses: Krieger – Aviators (black) [ idestroyed.tomorrow ]

Shirt: SF Design – Mens White Shirt Casual [ swaffette.firefly ]

Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette [ hermanni.laville ]

Scene: ALH – Grunge Office (freebie) [ linus.humphreys ] – Marketplace only

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