Suited and Booted

Hey, good-looking boys, gather around

Hey, good-looking boys – gather around.
The sidewalk papers gutter-press you down.
All those lies can be so unkind,
They can make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

Who says style has to be expensive? In a trawl through Marketplace (looking, as you do, for something else entirely) I came across a store called Electric Feel, and it had a few interesting mesh clothing items at prices that were worth taking a risk on without  a demo.

See this outfit? It’s called Palmer  and it was just L$50*. That’s for the shirt, pants, and belt. Can’t go wrong with that. It’s sleek, and smart; perfect clubwear. I’ve chucked a simple pair of shades from Sorgo into the mix, and Oxford shoes by Pixelfashion, and that’s the sum total of the entire thing. Short, sweet, and simple.

*UPDATE: Prices seem to be variable at the Marketplace store. I just checked again today (22nd Dec 2013) and this outfit is now L$70. Still a bargain, but check before you click.

Additional stuff: hair by INK and skin by Essences (both at the current – December – Men’s Dept collection), hands by Slink, and ring by KOSH. No other jewellery (*gasp!*) and no piercings (*GASP!*) because they’re not needed.

Both shirt and pants have a great shape. Decent arse on the pants, plus good shoulders and a slim waist on the shirt.

Come on with me cruising down the street.
Who knows what you’ll see, who you might meet.
This brave new world’s not like yesterday –
It can take you higher than the milky way.


Outfit: Electric Feel – Palmer [ raymster.xue ]

Shoes: Pixelfashion – Oxford Shoes (black) [ amandine.arai ]

Hair: INK – Hair Against (black) [ nontroppo.torii ]

Skin: Essences – Kyle (brunette) [ inka.mexicola ]

Glasses: Sorgo – ClubMaster (snake) [ arscene.dubrovna ]

Ring: KOSH – Hibernation Ring [ lynaja.bade ]

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Here – have a man who’s the epitome of style:

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