The SLife of I

Keep looking for Wonderland

14 years ago today I discovered the Wonderland that is Second Life, thanks to my beloved boy urging me to sign up to this amazing place he’d found. In those years, SL has been an amazing creative outlet, playground, classroom, social venue, and general entertainment for me. It has given me a venue to do things I’m good at, and to develop things I was less good at. I’ve also spent a stupefying amount of money on SL in those 14 years, what with until recently paying tier on a full region for god know how many years (as well as Skell’s insane shopping habit) but what lasts me a month or more in SL these days equates to the cost of a couple of good nights out IRL.  On balance, that’s pretty damn good for 14 years of enjoyment. Long may they continue.

Happy 14th Rezday, Skell, you old fart ;-)


Accessory: PKC
Hair: Exile
Makeup: Zibska
Brows: IDTTY Faces
Eyes: Euphoric
Skin: Vendetta
Head: Catwa

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