Bucket, bucket, who’s got the bucket?

Oh. I have. Look! I got a bucket! XD

Crap on a cracker, is it Monday again? I’ve been slackin’ on the bloggin’ in between Mondays, clearly. Oh well. The latest Monday Meme is Your SL Bucket List. Five items on your SL bucket list, to be exact.

God, I’m such a jaded old avatar; is there anything left that I want to do? (And is there anything that I want to do, that I could reasonably get around to doing this week, or in the very near future?)


*deep breath*

01: Learn Blender

Yeah, let’s get the big one out of the way, because that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. I’m one of those impatient bastards who wants to learn to make this exact thing right now, but every single person I’ve spoken to about Blender (and every article that I’ve read about it) says you have the start at the beginning and learn the simple stuff. Yeah, and I always trip over myself because I wanna RUN dammit! Can’t be bothered to walk first! ;-)

02: Make a machinima

I’ve been considering this for a while now, since I have this habit of creating characters when I put together my fashion looks. I don’t even have concrete ideas for plots; just drifting scenes. If you’ve learned anything about me on this blog by now, it’s that music moves and inspires almost everything creative that I do, so machinima is definitely on my ‘must do’ list.

03: Bike along one of the main routes in SL

Last year, I took my trusty PFB 900 Yakuza for a spin along Route 9 on Jeogeot (our home continent) and managed several regions, but the crossings weren’t all that great. I’d like to try it again and see if the work that LL have done in recent months has improved them. Route 9 is pretty long, so I might take a shorter one first of all.

04: Do the ’52 Weeks of Colour’ challenge

Because, believe me, you know that would be a challenge for me. Colour? *shudder* ;-)

05: Do something with this idea that I’ve had…

See this?

I’ve been wanting to do something like a comic in SL for years. While I’m not sure I can put together a full-on comic (like the silly, fun Lost In Inventory thing I did years ago) I’d love to put together something along the lines of an illustrated story, using images generated solely in SL. Quantum TP  was the initial idea for that, and I’m mulling it over.


In a twist on the bucket list, I’m also going to list a few SL wishes that came true:

– The most important thing of all: I married my beloved boy and we’re still together, six years later

– I started this blog. Something I kicked against for years, but Daros convinced me it was a great idea. As usual, he was right ;-)

– I kept on making stuff in SL, and while I’m nowhere near the Big Boys League with mesh and all that, I still love making that stuff. And people still love it and want to buy it :-)

– I became a poster boy! Thanks to Ivey Deschanel, you can find me in Sn@tch. Not that kind of snatch! Oh, you know what I fucking mean :p


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3 thoughts on “Bucket, bucket, who’s got the bucket?
  1. Actually making a machinima is on my secret bucket list too, but I totally suck at editing so I’ve kind of given up on that, for now. Congrats on becoming a poster boy, that’s a hot poster!

    1. I have a stay-at-home holiday from work coming up, so I’m going to download FRAPS and play around with it. Trouble is, I have far more static poses than I do animations, so I’ll need to track down some of those, which could get expensive ;-)

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