What is this ‘colour’ of which you speak?

Never heard of it.

Black IS a colour! It’s all the colours mixed together, so hell with it; I wear ALL the colours! Just… mixed togeth– *sigh* Okay, okay.

So, today Berry has got it in for me, because her meme is all about COLOUR. (Shut up. I’m English; we add unnecessary u’s to everything like that.) Seriously, I swear she must have been having a sneaky chuckle at the predicament she was going to put Monochrome Me into with this one. *shakes fist!*

BUT! I have, on occasion (when I’m feeling a bit woozy and not quite myself) been known to dabble in the non-monochrome areas of the palette, so here is the Dagger Bird in his more colourful plumage.

I describe Skell’s colours thus: Black, Blood, and Bone. You could also argue that it’s Russian Constructivism at its earliest and finest. Whatever ;-)

The one thing about having a limited palette is that it makes things very easy when you go shopping. You know  that, if you buy these specific colours, you’ll be able to match them to anything you have in your inventory. Monochrome is just my thing, but my other colours are red (denoted by the ‘blood’ bit up there), teal (haha, revenge on Berry who – apparently – can’t bear teal!) and coppery autumnal colours.

We begin with teal. Credits for this look can be found here on my Flickr.

That’s quite an old look, so let’s get more up-to-date with my character of Aes Dana. Credits, plus his story, can be found here on the blog.

Moving on to red, another fairly-old look. Credits and more images here.

Here’s another red look: the boy from Prisoner of the Light. More images, plus his story can be found here.

You will probably have noticed by now that I rarely wear all-colour. It’s mainly still monochrome with splashes of colour. I simply cannot do all-over colour. I think Skell would pass out if I forced him into that XD

And this is my autumnal colour set, my sartorial darlings. Named ‘Captain Tightpants’ (for, well, obvious reasons, plus I’d been watching Firefly ) it’s kinda steampunky. I love these colours and usually have variants of them in at least one of our homes. Credits can be found here.

I even did this, once. Never quite got over it O.o (Credits here. Good grief.)

But, seriously, black IS a colour. And Berry DID ask which colour is our favourite. So it’s this.: Black-swanning about the solar winds. Credits here.

Seriously, if you don’t believe me, check out my Fashion set on Flickr. Yes, there are occasional splashes of colour, but you’d be amazed at how versatile  monochrome can be.



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6 thoughts on “What is this ‘colour’ of which you speak?
  1. MUAHAHAHAAHA made you wear color! :P LOL I actually did think of you when I was writing this up and was wondering if you would do this one or not. I am so happy you did, even though you spelled color wrong. :P

    1. *hmf*

      You wondered if I’d do this one? I ain’t skeered :p

      And I’ll leave you with the inimitable words of Her Maj (well, her fake Maj, but still) –

  2. Technically… all those pictures are monochrome. >.> Black and white are considered shades, not colors, and if you do a monochrome picture it’s a single color with black and white used to offer variation. Your crown as King of Monochrome remains intact!

    1. It is? YESSS! *fistpump!*

      (By the way, I’m reading and replying at 4am, as I’m getting ready for work. I’m still half-asleep and running a potentially-thumping headache. That sort of all made sense to me, but I’ll need to re-read it in about ten hours, when I get home again and am wide awake, I think *g*)

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