The SLife of I

Oblig. “I’m too old for this shit!” post

Yes, I’m whining again. Deal! :p

I finally rezzed the house rezzer/vendor that I bought, um… *small voice* two years ago (oh god). I’ve seen it used elsewhere, and I know it’s good, but see… the thing is… (Skell, you’re making excuses already)… *sigh*

I have SO MUCH STUFF to go into this thing! And there’s always a learning process which, sure, gets easier the more times you do it, but ARGH! Learning processes!

Oh well. I got one item done. That’s a start, right? I’ll test-rez it tomorrow. Because most of my skyboxes are fully-enclosed, people will need a teleporter to get inside. And, while I could just rez one and place the skyboxes around it, there are a couple that need teleporters higher up. That’s where it gets confusing, because it means I have to get the vendor to rez a custom teleporter for every item.

Oh… wait. I could rez the higher-up one anyway, and just bring all the other skyboxes up to that level. That would save the hassle of adding a teleporter to be rezzed every damn time (because the ones I use will re-set every time they’re rezzed). Which means… I have to do this one all over again.

Oy fucking vey.

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