Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Mmm, those words taste… crunchy!

Dear Diary,

Well, I am quite happy to munch on them (my words, that is) because it appears that my initial worries about SSB (Server-Side Baking) were completely unfounded. (In my defence, LL has a certain track record for rolling stuff out that, frankly, cocks stuff up at times, so wariness is a good position to adopt. Be prepared, dib-dib-dib and all that.)

I logged on, somewhat nervously, since both of mine and Daros’s home regions are in the Le Tigre server channel: the first channel to get SSB. Le Tigre was the first to get the rollout that irrevocably destroyed all “stitching type = none” sculpts in July 2011. A rollback didn’t fix it. Much of our home turned into this:

Torii. Everywhere.

And then there was the server rollout in October 2012 that returned most of the thousands of prims on all our parcels, leaving us with this:

(That was actually the one home that had the most left over. In some of them the only things that weren’t returned were a single chair.)

So yes. I was slightly nervous ;-)

Nervous to the point of actually considering logging on at a non-Le Tigre region and changing to default noob before teleporting home. (Okay, maybe that was a tad excessive, but the thought of potential fuckery happening to stuff worn from my inventory? In the words of Vizzini: “InconCEIVable!”)

Meh. Stupid thing to think. I ended up forgetting all about it, logging in without thinking, and only remembering as the login progress bar bled past region handshake. By which time, if fuckery was going to happen, it was too late anyway.

I rezzed just fine. In fact, I rezzed bloody fast. “Ooo!” thought I. “Okay, well fuck it; let’s give this thing a go. New skin, if you please!”

Right-click > Wear.

A one second wait, and BAM. There it was.

Woah. The fuck? What’s going on? I’m not used to this speed! No blurring or re-blurring. Just *zap!*

Excuse me while I go O_________o

Yeah, I could get used to this…

Update: Hrm. Okay, I changed outfit (it took ten seconds to rez fully in my Le Tigre region, which – trust me – is lightning-fast compared to the wait times I was experiencing; textures rezzed almost immediately, as did the mesh items – the only thing that took the outfit from about a four second rez to the ten seconds was waiting for my sculpted hair to rez) and then I teleported to the Mudhoney region (to buy Pilot’s 50L Friday item). Mudhoney is on a main channel (Second Life Server and, within seconds of landing, Skell blurred out completely and would not bake in until I manually rebaked. And then, of course, I was reminded of that loooong wait time I used to have just a few days ago. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when I teleport back home…

Nope. Everything seems to be fine. Looks like there are two bakes going on here: one on Le Tigre and then another one composited by my viewer on non-Le Tigre regions. Heading back to Le Tigre, the bake that was done there is still available, so I notice no difference.

P.S. Oh, Dear Diary? The Hair Fair merchants send out their demos in the Hair Fair Demo group today! I may not be seen for a few days…

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